Denver is abundant with pubs, restaurants, deli’s, burger bars, pizzerias, and much more. Often times, deciding where to eat can prove difficult with so many choices. “Going out” to eat has advanced so far beyond just the food. Ambiance, location, signature decor, and spirits are among the most common things that foodies say they look at when deciding where to eat. With that in mind, future restaurant owners are beginning to consider building their Denver eateries with reclaimed wood.

As new restaurants open almost daily in Denver, some demand a little extra consideration and attention. These eateries serve up food and décor that supersedes the average establishment. The use of reclaimed wood in Denver has already taken residential interior design by storm and is now trickling into commercial décor as well, and this also mean restaurants.

Many restaurant owners have already chosen to use reclaimed wood in Denver because it is economically friendly, long lasting, and good for the environment. But…some have chosen to use reclaimed wood in Denver because it is one of a kind, full of mystery, and provides a décor that is so aesthetically appealing it can hardly be put into words.  

Examples of Denver Eateries with Reclaimed Wood

Recently, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened his third restaurant in Colorado. The décor is receiving a lot of attention and praise for using reclaimed wood in Denver. This world- renowned chef has created a masterpiece in Cherry Creek. Matsuhisa Denver spares no expense with its interior using reclaimed wood in Denver.

Once of the signature focal points of Matsuhisa is the sprawling Sake bar using reclaimed wood in Denver. It is comprised of teak and gives off a very ethnic feel to patrons filling the seats.  

The rectangular bar using reclaimed wood in Denver not only houses some of the best Sake available, visitors can view the selection of fresh fish and seafood used in a variety of items of the vast menu.

Guests will also find that there are many nooks and crannies adorned with reclaimed wood in Denver to envelope small groups for an intimate setting.

Free standing half circle booths that are lined with reclaimed wood in Denver are peppered throughout Matsuhisa for a modern and eclectic alternative to the traditional table.

The restaurant also offers private rooms for meetings or parties that having reclaimed wood paneling in Denver. Complimentary to the teak engineered floor that reclaimed wood in Denver is a show stopper and a must see.

The second bar that provides guests a place to respite while enjoying signature cocktails presents a countertop of reclaimed wood in Denver that of very sleek but comfortable at the same time.

Since the food is paired in such a sophisticated manner with the décor, eating at Matsuhisa is a one of a kind experience. Amid some of his well-known dishes Chef Nobu’s menu at Matsuhisa reflects some of his world travels in Peru, Argentina, and other amazing countries. Serving these palette pleasures on reclaimed wood in Denver Chef Nobu transports you to another world.

Choosing to use unique reclaimed wood in Denver to showcase his culinary craftsmanship Chef Nobu has once again set himself apart. One can only imagine what his next culinary venue will entail. It has large shoes to fill after the chic and elegant atmosphere of Matsuhisa and the striking reclaimed wood in Denver and the unforgettable cuisine.

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