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Thermory: Excellence in Wood

Thermory creates a superior wood solution than other brands. The thermal modifications that Thermory uses creates a durable, long-lasting product with a sophisticated and refined aesthetic. They use a process that utilizes only heat and steam to enhance the board and produce an incredibly durable product. Thermory’s boards are a truly natural product that have no equal and may change your take on wood. Thermory is a leader in this industry through innovation and efficiency. Thermory has very high standards and their process has been proven with decades of consistent performance. The commitment to quality control begins at the moment the wood is harvested and carefully, intentionally selected out of the raw material. Each product line that is put out by Thermory is tested exhaustively and the process is overseen by true industry experts. The strength that Thermory produces comes from the advanced, efficient process and the genuine desire to create solutions. How can Thermory solve your problem? Thermory strives to offer a reliable solution through a deep understanding of what the market desires. The understand what a consumer wants, they offer a valuable product that can and will exceed any expectations the customer may have.

The Modification Process

As mentioned prior Thermory uses only heat and steam to naturally enhance the wood. The heat alters the wood, enhancing it entirely. The steam on the other hand allows Thermory complete control over the enhancing process. Their proprietary process uses advanced technology and 20,000 square ft. chambers to yield consistent, superior results in every batch of lumber. The wood scientists that control the modification process and tirelessly pursue perfection in every board. Each batch is tailored to the specific requirements and are optimized for that job.

Thermory takes Testing Seriously

Rot Resistant

  • Tested – Fungus spores were introduced to Thermory Ash samples to promote fungal growth over a period of time with control samples.
  • Result – A Class 1 rot resistance which means that on average, the Thermory Ash cladding or decking will last outdoors for a minimum of 25 years and with very little maintenance or oils.


  • Tested – Moisture content given in a set of specific temperature and relative humidity conditions and then resulting in an increase and decrease in moisture content.
  • Results – The moisture content in comparison to standard kiln-dried woods is significantly reduced by the thermal modification of Thermory.

Fire Rating

  • Tested- The rate at which fire spreads and smoke production in Thermory
  • Results – Class B was achieved, in comparison to kiln-dried Red Oak which resulted in a Class C rating.


  • Tested – Content of formaldehyde of Thermory
  • Results – Thermal modification reduces the formaldehyde content, more so than standard kiln-dried wood


  • Tested – Moisture content, weight, and density were calculated and then the strength was evaluated on a bending device to determine the strength of each Thermory Ash sample.
  • Results – The impact resistance was calculated to have no significant change in surface hardness or strength in comparison to standard kiln-dried Ash and for Thermory to be extremely suitable for a decking surface.

Termite Resistance

  • Tested – Resistance and potential possibility of termite attack and resistance of Thermory Ash, Pine and Spruce comparison to Southern Pine which is known as a termite’s favorite wood.
  • Results – This test indicated that the termites feed more heavily on the Southern Pine choice controls than the modified wood, however the modified Pine was attacked more than the modified Ash

The Result?

Sophisticated. Simple. Unrivaled.

These products have redefined sophistication. The results of our innovative process are products that are highly rot-resistant without sacrificing strength, or durability. Products with extraordinary longevity and rich, beautiful color.

The Products

The Benchmark Series

Over 20 years, Thermory has been perfecting the Benchmark Series. If you’re looking for sophisticated real-wood product that sets the bar for longevity and rot-resistance, then the Thermory Benchmark series is the clear choice. Refined, reliable, proven and trusted, this is the natural result when Thermory’s experts have perfected the modification process.

Thermory Color Evolution

The modification process leaves the wood product with a rich, beautiful color (varies from species to species). Customers have the choice to oil the boards yearly to maintain the color, or leave it unoiled to allow the wood to naturally undergo a truly unique, and beautiful color evolution. Over time, the wood will transform into a stunning platinum tone, offering a new take on the tried and true rustic aesthetic.

Defying Convention

Drift urges you to let down your hair and think a little bigger. To stare convention in the eye, and make a bolder choice. Drift gives you the look of reclaimed wood, without all of the unknowns. You will still get the unrivaled durability and rot-resistance you expect from Thermory products.

Drift Paves The Way

Drift uses modified spruce in addition to Thermory’s standard ash and pine to create a weathered look with a 25+ year rot-resistance rating. Choose from one of the colors or create your own – each color undergoes its own unique color transformation as it ages to platinum grey.

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