What Makes Our Rocky Mountain
Reclaimed Wood Different?

Rocky Mountain Reclaimed carries specialty products that were developed in partnership with some of the top mills and manufacturers to bring a unique alternative to reclaimed wood. We offer true and faux reclaimed wood, that has been cleaned up and milled to pattern to allow for any easy, uniform installation.

rocky mountain reclaimed wood

1. Mill To Order: Customize Beyond Traditional Reclaimed

There are multiple finishes and species of wood available that have been milled into easy-to-install siding and flooring products. Because we have taken the clean up work out of working with reclaimed wood, there is a vast array of choices when it comes to your reclaimed lumber products. You’re sure to find something that works with your design and budget!

2. Simpler Installation: Building With Less Waste

Due the nature of reclaimed lumber, which includes cracking, warping, splintering and more, there is usually about a 50% waste factor. However, with Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we offer authentic reclaimed lumber that has been re-purposed for the consumer to allow for the traditional waste of new lumber products, which is around a 10% waste factor. This allows you to build quicker and waste less product, making your install simpler than it would be with traditional reclaimed lumber.

3. Lifetime Treatment & Staining: No More Treatment or Stain Needed

The primary drawback to using wood as a building material as opposed to something artificial – say, vinyl siding or composite decking – is the increased amount of effort necessary to put into maintenance and upkeep. The products from Rocky Mountain Reclaimed are completely finished products which do not require staining, unless you desire!

4. Saving Money: Significantly Less Expensive

There are many reasons why Rocky Mountain Reclaimed products cost less than traditional reclaimed lumber. For example, our 10% waste factor over traditional reclaim’s 50% waste factor, and lifetime staining. Our product has a lower price, because the mills that we partner with are producing large amounts of reclaimed lumber, due to their mass amount of reclamation rights.

5. Nationwide Delivery: Making It More Convenient For You

With shipping anywhere within the lower 48 states, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is designed to be easily accessible for your convenience. To further assist you, we are able to send actual samples of all colors of our Rocky Mountain Reclaimed products so that you can see and touch the product to decide if it is right for you before placing an order. If you would prefer to arrange your own shipping or pickup, that’s no problem, just let us know!