RePlank: Premium Wood Products

Wood has been a popular material for many different elements of home construction and décor for centuries. With years of advances in manufacturing practices have only made wooden floors moldings, handrails and tabletops sturdier and more attractive. RePlank takes pride in mixing innovative manufacturing technology with very keen attention to detail to ensure a very high quality product.

RePlank is honored to be a premium wood manufacturer that is based in Los Angeles, CA. The company was founded by the Oerding family. The mission is to provide customers with top tier wood products, as well as consistent and reliable service.

RePlank Reclaimed Redwood

Reclaimed Redwood is very popular for both indoor and outdoor projects. As it ages, old growth redwood continues to cure, acquiring appealing coloration and gaining strength that is not available in today’s new growth lumber. All the reclaimed lumber is all hand selected, providing you with the best lumber money can buy, from locations with historical and nostalgic value. These reclaimed redwood boards are often taken from old beams that were used in old bridges or other large projects. These large heartland timbers are not available except as salvaged lumber and cannot be reproduced by today’s young-growth forests.

RePlank Reclaimed Redwood: The Details

There are two finishes available: Sandpiper and Natural finish.



  • 100% Reclaimed Interior Redwood Siding $11 sq ft (sold in 16 sq ft cartons).
  • 1/4″ x 5 ” interior Shiplap veneer profile all boards come in varying lengths in a 60″x6″x2″ carton (16 sqft. Carton). 
  • Cartons cost $160/ea plus tax.


  • 100% Reclaimed Exterior Redwood Siding $13 sq ft (sold in 12sqft bundle). 
  • 5/8″ x 4 3/4″ & 5 3/4″ exterior T&G veneer profile all boards come in varying lengths in a 60″x7″x4″ carton (12 sqft. bundle). 
  • Bundles cost $144/ea plus tax.


We also can offer flooring to compliment the reclaimed redwood. These flooring options include:

Vintage Walnut

Tennessee Medley

Irish Pub

American Saloon

We can also offer reclaimed whiskey barrels which have a very unique look to them unlike any floor you have seen before. Whether it comes from the unique whiskey brand marks and many other options. They are available in:





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