It is no surprise that sliding barn doors are becoming a popular choice to replace the traditional door. Sliding barn doors made out of reclaimed wood are bringing home décor to a new level. They are popping up in homes and commercial establishments alike. There are multiple variations that you can choose from depending on the room or rooms that you are considering installing them in. Hopefully this guide will help you distinguish between them and help you find the right look to fit for your decorating project.

Benefits of Sliding Barn Doors

Not only are sliding barn doors unique and add dimension to your home, they are functional as well.

  • They are great for small spaces where a swinging door does not have a place to fall that is out of the way or eliminates usable space
  • They can add dramatic accent to an otherwise plain space
  • Opened or closed, they do not block a walk way
  • They provide as much privacy as a traditional door
  • They can blend in with any décor style whether modern or classic farm house
  • They are easy to install and because of the special hardware that is used with them they stay in place and do not require adjustments

Types of Sliding Barn Doors Installation

There are three main sliding barn doors configurations; single, bi-parting, and bypass.

Single– This is great for a smaller or traditional size opening. As long as you have room for it to slide on either side, it can be installed. If your doorway can accommodate a full slide out of the way of the opening, this can visually make any room look larger. Keep in mind, that will the single panel sliding barn door it can slide left to right or vice versa depending on the room unlike a traditional door jamb.

Bi-Parting- Bi-parting sliding barn doors can quickly close off a large opening when there is not enough room for a panel to slide completely on either side. If the opening is centered, the sliding barn door will nicely border it on either side.

By-Pass- This is a functional application for openings where a sliding barn door is desired but there is not room for both doors to slide. In this case, the two panels will overlap. Because only half of the opening is open at one time, the by-pass door is better for more intimate rooms with less traffic.

sliding barn doors

Popular Areas for Sliding Barn Doors

Because of the various types of installations, sliding barn doors can be installed almost anywhere. Here are some of the most popular areas that are commonly featured in home décor magazines:

  • Closets
  • Dining Rooms
  • Offices and Libraries
  • Theater Rooms
  • Wine Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Room Dividers

Custom Décor with Sliding Barn Doors

Reclaimed wood comes in different colors and grain patterns, so it can either compliment or contrast any current décor. By playing with the colors and patterns you can get a customized look.

There are also different hardware selections that can enhance the theme of any room. If you have multiple sliding barn doors in your home the hardware can match or change depending on the look you want. Sliding barn doors can also be built with panel inserts like mirrors, chalkboards, metal slats, corrugated paneling, or stain glass.

You can also mimic the large sliding barn doors in your home on cabinetry in the same room for an added effect. Your sliding barn door can also be adorned with handles that are not only functional but decorative as well. Don’t shy away from installing  sliding barn doors in your home no matter your style and décor. Because they can be simple or elaborate you can design a sliding barn door that will look great in your home!