Reclaimed wood is a new design fad that designers, flippers, and homeowners are getting more and more involved with. Reclaimed wood is lumber that is more than 100 years old and is repurposed into usable lumber to create furniture, framing, doors, accent walls, and more. Reclaimed wood is the perfect way for anyone going for a rustic, but modern style in their home. Due to the age of the wood, the colors are washed, and the boards are sometimes warped giving them a rustic appearance! There are many ways you can get creative with reclaimed wood. Read this blog to get ideas for yourself!

The Different Types of Reclaimed Wood

The type of reclaimed wood you can find varies depending on where the supplier gets it and how old it is. Typically, you can find hardwoods and softwoods, pines, old oak barn wood, blue stain, and many more. When it comes to picking the right reclaimed wood for the project- the big things to consider are whether it is indoors or outdoors, the existing décor in the space, the color that you want the wood to be, and what kind of style you are trying to achieve. For example, when designers are doing a rustic styled remodel, a washed out dark grey or light brown would be a good fit to enhance the style. Whereas for a more modern and warmer look, a darker denser color would look perfect.

A Few Ways You Can Get Creative with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls

The color and décor on the walls are the first things that our eyes are drawn to when we walk into a room. The walls frame the room and the color sets the vibe, whether it is bright and light or warm and dark! An inexpensive and relatively simple way to make a wall pop and look like it was done by a professional is by doing an accent wall. Reclaimed wood accent walls are very similar to traditional wood siding, the only difference is that they are either true reclaimed wood or faux reclaimed wood (traditional siding made to look reclaimed). You can arrange the boards in any pattern or design you choose which makes it customizable. When it comes to the color of the reclaimed wood, you do have the ability to paint over it but some choose not to show off the natural history and age.

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

An innovative way to repurpose old barn doors is to use them in place of normal doors into any room. Especially in small spaces when opening and closing doors get in the way, it would be much easier to have a sliding door, which is how barn doors are installed and used. Reclaimed wood doors are a great way to provide privacy, while also being stylish and looking like you hired a designer.

Reclaimed Wood Accents in The Kitchen

When renovating a kitchen, most designers and homeowners are looking for money-conscious ways to decorate and amplify the style of the kitchen. A creative way to do this is by using leftover reclaimed wood from a previous project in another room, or even if you buy the product just for this purpose it will look amazing. You can add reclaimed wood as a backsplash, an accent on a hood about a stove, or even as a small accent wall under an island! The ideas are endless!

Small Things Matter with Reclaimed Wood

When redecorating your home, DIY is the way to go. You save money, products, and you are able to customize your things just how you like them. Here are a few ideas of ways you can use reclaimed wood for decorations in your home. Starting with a blanket ladder, most everyone in their home has endless amounts of blankets and nowhere to store them in a cute way. A blanket ladder is a perfect way to do so. Just take a few pieces of reclaimed wood and frame them as a ladder to hang your blankets on.  Another obvious way to use reclaimed wood is to frame mirrors and pictures, as well as creating wood signs with sayings, or patterns on them.

There are about a million different ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home- whether it’s through furniture, accent walls, framing, or décor objects around your home. Reclaimed wood is versatile, affordable, easy to maintain, and looks amazing with any motif!