If you’re familiar with the many ways that reclaimed wood can be used as accents, you’re also probably not a stranger to the world of epoxy resin. When used together, epoxy resin and reclaimed wood make for a stunning combination material that can be implemented in a wide range of ways. For those looking for a new hobby or weekend project, working with epoxy resin is a fan-favorite given the multitude of designs and functionalities. 

Dining Table

One of the most common ways that DIYers and builders incorporate epoxy resin is in the form of dining tables (or any tables for that matter). This is a great first project for someone just starting out, as tables are generally flat and easy to work with. 

Many people who want to make these with reclaimed wood will either first cut the wood, or choose different segments that they’d like to connect. Next, you’ll configure the wood into a mold how you’d like it and fill in the gaps with the epoxy resin. When finished, this can often resemble a river or pools of liquid that allow light to shine through. There are so many cool and unique ways to make this style work for you in your home. 


Similarly to a table, bars are another great place to make use of your creative side. Epoxy resin structures are wonderful additions to funky spaces like a basement bar. Add some lighting underneath and take the look of your space to a whole new level.

These structures are often more involved than a simple table, as they sometimes bend into angled shapes and need to be a more specific size than a generic table. You can even use any extra pieces to fill in the rest of the bar area or as an accent piece to tie the room together.

Barn Doors

Another common use for reclaimed wood and epoxy resin materials is in the form of barn doors. Like tables, these can be made pretty simply on a flat surface. Organize the wood and epoxy sections just how you’d like them, and reap the benefits of this cool structure for decades to come.

One of the really interesting things about using reclaimed wood and epoxy resin as barn doors is that light can shine through. This almost acts as a window in a way, connecting one space to another without sacrificing any privacy. Even when not closed and in use, these doors will continue to make a statement and add beauty and life to any space for years of enjoyment.

Bed Headboard

Bedrooms are another place where homeowners can let their interior design imagination run free. A great place to showcase your own unique personality is on a headboard. Likewise to other design options, headboards are often flat surfaces and generally easy to build with. They make for a great use of space to customize to your liking that serves both a design and functional purpose. 

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