Reclaimed wood is probably most notable for its use as accents in a home. It’s the perfect material to showcase on walls of any kind. Bring some rustic flair and authentic charm to your design affordably with reclaimed wood materials. 

You’ve probably seen the trendy reclaimed accent walls by now being popularized through much of the world. In most cases, homeowners opt to feature these accents in great rooms or large areas. But, there are so many unique nooks and crannies to add accents to to elevate the design of the space.


What better way to welcome guests to your home than a reclaimed rustic entrance? Entrances are, quite literally, the first impression of a space. A simple addition of reclaimed wood can give everyone a warm welcome into your space.

For outdoors entrances, we typically recommend faux reclaimed wood options. These boards will be specifically manufactured to hold-up well against the elements and stay looking great for decades. While you can still utilize natural reclaimed materials, they will require more maintenance and repairs when left outside. Either way, reclaimed wood looks phenomenal on the walls of an entrance to a home.


Pantries and other walk-in style closets are another great place to take advantage of reclaimed wood. As these spaces are often left with blank walls, make a statement like none other! Pantries are spaces that homeowners go in and out of every day, yet are left basic and bare. Reclaimed wood walls to fit these spaces are affordable and effortless to add-on, so why not?!

Laundry Room

Similarly to pantries, laundry rooms are often left bare due to the mechanical nature of the space. For families that use laundry rooms so often, there’s no reason to not elevate the look of this space. Why spend so much time in a space you don’t enjoy? 

Laundry rooms are the perfect space to get creative and ambitious. If you’ve been eyeing the color green and want to make a statement, laundry rooms offer a great opportunity to take risks.


Bathrooms are another great space to make design choices out of your comfort zone. Specifically the wall space behind a toilet is a popular spot to take advantage of reclaimed siding materials. Where many homeowners would throw up a framed picture, reclaimed wood is a good way to add a pop of color and charm to the space.

Countertop Underside

For those with islands in their kitchen or peninsulas that branch off a wall, there is often space beneath these countertops for extra materials. These areas are often utilized as bar seating, so adding some reclaimed wood and lights will totally transform the area. This is one of those additions that seems like it won’t make a difference, but the beauty is in the details and it is sure to bring more character and life to your kitchen.


When in doubt, add some character to your ceiling. When the walls of a space aren’t available, ceilings are a great place to take advantage of. This can easily be added to spaces of any size to add a subtle hint of charm. When in doubt, this is a great way to make a unique statement in your home with reclaimed wood. 

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