If you are into reclaimed wood, you have most likely seen reclaimed wood resin tables. These beauties can run thousands of dollars from private wood workers or boutique furniture shops. Believe it or not you can make one of your own even if you are not a skilled woodworker. Even though there is a lot of detail involved, there are not a lot of steps!

How to Make Reclaimed Wood Resin Tables

Here are the major elements to building your own reclaimed wood resin table:

  • Planning: Once you have decided to invest your time and effort into building a reclaimed wood resin table planning it out is very important! The first thing that you want to consider is the intended purpose of the reclaimed wood resin table. Is it going to be a weight bearing table or a decorative accent?

    The answer to these questions will be the determining factors that determine the size, shape, and height of your table. These will help you when it comes time to select your piece of reclaimed wood.

  • Gathering Materials: Since reclaimed wood resin tables are meant to be abstract pieces of artwork you will want to select a unique piece of lumber. This is not the time to choose pieces of reclaimed wood that do not have fungus, worm tracings, or rot.

    These flaws will really make your reclaimed wood resin table one of a kind.

    When it comes to the resin, you can mix your own or purchase pre-mixed resin.

  • Color Selection: What makes a reclaimed wood resin table gorgeous is not only the lumber but the color of the resin.

    The most common color selection you will see is a teal shade almost mimicking water. However, the options are endless, and resin can be tinted with any other to match any décor.

    Keep in mind that patience is the key when mixing your color to achieve the perfect and most natural tone.

  • Sanding: Once you have poured the resin and let it dry it is now time to sand. To complete this project, you will need to learn the proper process for pouring the resin which is too detailed to cover in this article.

    After it has completely dried the surface of the resin will need to be sanded to remove any uneven and/or sticky areas. This can be done with a simple orbital sander and completed relatively quickly.

  • Finishing: You may decide to add some stain to the reclaimed wood to better blend with surrounding décor. This is a quick and easy way to give your reclaimed wood resin table a finished look.

    You can also coat the surface of the resin with a varnish which will brighten the color and give a “clearer” look.

  • Legs: The final addition to your reclaimed wood resin table no matter the intended use are legs. You can easily make your own or purchase pre-fabricated iron legs which seems to be the most popular choice. 

Hopefully this outlines the major components of building your own reclaimed wood resin table so that you can decide if this project is right for you! You can easily create this look on your own and have the satisfaction that you single handedly built your reclaimed wood resin table! Looking to use reclaimed wood for your resin table? Give us a call! We have a wide variety of reclaimed wood that you could use for such a project!