Using reclaimed wood in interior design (as seen in Denver’s Maven Hotel) has gained a lot of momentum lately. Reclaimed wood is not just or residential spaces but commercial spaces as well. Its versatility lends it to be cozy for the private home or professionally fashionable for the workplace. Not only is it beautiful, it shows that businesses are eco-friendly and forward thinking.

Denver’s Maven Hotel

The Maven Hotel is one of Denver’s newest establishments that has many reclaimed wood elements throughout. The interior is a mixed blend of the city’s past and present.

Just a few minutes walk from Coors Field, The Maven Hotel is a future mainstay of Denver’s well-known Dairy Block using reclaimed wood in Denver. This historic street has become the stomping ground for many up and coming retailers and eateries. The goal among the developers of the block is to keep as much original structure as possible. This means that The Maven Hotel will not be the only building adorned with reclaimed wood. This mirco-district is sure to become one of the “must see” places in Denver.

The redeveloped building that houses the Maven Hotel was once Denver’s Windsor Dairy. During its time, the dairy was state of the art and envied by many in the dairy industry. The history of the building was not lost during the construction of the Maven Hotel. The architects and designers strove to keep many of the original features which included a lot of reclaimed wood. Not only did they use existing reclaimed wood, they also brought in additional lumber to accent what was already there.

For instance, upon entering the hotel guests are greeted by an enormous floating hand that is reminiscent of something divine. It is sculpted entirely out of reclaimed wood.

The hotel also has a variety of walls and ceilings that have been paneled with reclaimed wood. The tactful placing of these accents keeps the flow of the décor flowing throughout the entire hotel.

The building is an ode to the fact that this block was a working mans town where most of the inhabitants worked with their hands.

The industrial chic ambiance lends a place to escape from the daily grind with comfortable rooms and a variety of restaurants using reclaimed wood. The designers decorated with an air of whimsy while still keeping true to a Colorado mountain feel.

The rustic but elegant aged look that reclaimed wood offers cannot be matched with any other material. By incorporating multiple reclaimed wood elements in the same space, you can create a one of a kind look leaving one to wonder if this is present day or yester year.