Colorado’s first settlers staked claim in the 1800’s making the state their home for generations to come. Now, Colorado is riddled with hundreds of abandoned buildings that have been standing for hundreds and hundreds of years. Although these buildings are amazing abandoned places in Denver (and surrounding areas) are cool to see, they could possibly yield some of the most beautiful and historical reclaimed wood.

Abandoned Places In Denver: Crystal Mill

One of the most photogenic structures in Colorado, Crystal Mill has remained standing for centuries. Hikers can actually make a somewhat difficult trek to see this entirely wood structure that would make for some marvelous reclaimed wood. Its walls are dense and full of stories. Located outside of Carbondale the Crystal Mill is privately owned so getting it approved for reclaimed may prove difficult. Times change and so might this putting the opportunity to own a piece of this historic reclaimed wood in the hands of Coloradans.

Abandoned Places In Denver: Lakeside Speedway

Still standing behind Lakeside Amusement Park the bleachers that once held race fans back in the day is festooned with history like all reclaimed wood is. The potential reclaimed wood that creaks and sways with the wind today is masked with tales of death, triumph, and defeat of the racers who dared race the famous track. Although it is abandoned visitors to the amusement park report hearing cries of racers past and have seen visions of unsettled spirits roaming the area.

Abandoned Places In Denver: Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

These buildings could be some of the most amazingly preserved abandoned buildings in the entire state of Colorado. If these buildings are ever salvaged for reclaimed wood, it will be bittersweet. Many Colorado natives would be honored to have a piece of the reclaimed wood in their homes, but historians would shutter at their peril.

Some of the buildings still comprise an operating offshoot of the past biological laboratory that was running at full capacity in the 30’s. Visitors can tour the buildings and see the possible reclaimed wood first hand in the Summer months.

Abandoned Places In Denver: Red Mountain Ghost Town

Located on Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton the Red Mountain Ghost Town stands abandoned as a result of the closure of the National Bell Mine. The saloons, hotels, and gambling halls that were once a place of respite for travelers could be turned into some of the most interesting reclaimed wood. Many of the town’s buildings were painted and after years of wear and tear the surface of the potential reclaimed wood is strikingly unique.

Oh… if walls could talk! The hill to the left of the ghost town contains piles of remnants that have yet to be salvaged. The future reclaimed wood is from the mine and the original jail.

Abandoned Places In Denver: St. Elmo

A partially abandoned ghost town located in Chaffee County still has an operating general store and bed-and-breakfast. Like most of the other ghost towns in Colorado, St. Elmo was deserted after the mining boom. The structures that are there today have had little to no repair so the existing wood would be some of the most sturdy and durable original reclaimed wood in the area. At one time 2,000 people filled the town which is now on the states’ historic registry. With the town’s extensive history there would be doubt that the reclaimed wood would be centuries old and as authentic as one could get. 

These are just a few of the historical places standing today that would make astounding salvage sites for reclaimed wood. Although the standing building are sites to see, it would also be nice to know that some if not all of the wood from these structures was preserved as reclaimed wood even if not in their original form.

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