Although food trucks are a modern day craze their history actually dates back to the 17th century. Since then food trucks have made their place at the forefront of eating and dining. Some of the first food trucks were out of the backs of covered wagons, today they are modern machines and decorated to the nines. A new trend in the industry is to build food trucks with reclaimed wood. Not only is reclaimed wood beautiful it is eco-friendly and nearly indestructible.

Today one of the most fashionable ways to dine is from a food truck using reclaimed wood. From tacos, to burgers, to soups, to crepes you name it you can find it in a food truck using reclaimed wood.

Food Trucks with Reclaimed Wood… And So Much More!

In the food truck competition, it is not only the food that draws the customers but the truck itself. Food truck owners just like homeowners are always trying to keep up with the Jones’. A far cry from the historical covered wagons and push carts todays food trucks are modern day fully equipped mobile kitchens using reclaimed wood.

Along with the craze about the interior and exterior of food trucks using reclaimed wood, the whole “set up” is now a competition. Food trucks using reclaimed wood are now providing dining areas for their loyal patrons. With everything from tables made with reclaimed wood these dining areas have umbrellas, condiment bars, and stand up lounging areas.

Food truck owners are no longer looking to give a “cash and carry” experience they want you to stay and enjoy your food.

If you have the chance to visit one of these contemporary food trucks using reclaimed wood, you will quickly forget that in a blink of an eye they will pack up and be gone.

Similar to tiny houses using reclaimed wood, these food trucks are built inside buses or on the back of flat beds. Not only does the reclaimed wood décor make them stand out they also blend into the outdoors which is what food truck diners are after.

Food trucks experience a lot of wear and tear and using reclaimed wood will only increase its longevity.

Since reclaimed wood is salvaged lumber it is a very economical way to build a food truck on a small budget.

Denver has it own food truck scene across the state using reclaimed wood. One of the most well-known is the Boulder food truck park. Nestled right in the town this food truck park is one of a kind. Many of the regular food trucks, the built in seating, and indoor bar are made with reclaimed wood.  

Not only is this a nice weekend adventure you can see first hand what the modern-day food truck scene has to offer using reclaimed wood.