Your kitchen truly is the heart of your home. It is the gathering place for weeknight meals and a prime mingling spot during entertaining. Your kitchen is also not only the location of daily sustenance but where the daily activity of your family pulsates from. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why decorating your kitchen can seem challenging. Finding a balance between utilitarian needs and aesthetic desires can be difficult. Using a blend of colors, textures, and materials can help you do so. Though there are numerous design tips, trends, and ideas out there, we will be discussing reclaimed wood kitchen concepts in this blog!

Reclaimed wood is a newer material that homeowners are finding to be versatile and beautiful. Reclaimed wood easily pairs successfully with various lighting, cabinet, appliance, and flooring options.

There are several ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your kitchen depending on the décor style that you are after.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Countertops

Even if a farmhouse feel is not what you are after, a reclaimed wood countertop can be a striking addition your kitchen. The edges of your reclaimed wood countertop can be left natural or they can be finished with decorative metal edging.

For a Tuscan or European look you can use stone as the foundation for an island with a reclaimed wood countertop.

Not only is a reclaimed wood countertop majestic looking it is durable and virtually damage resistant.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Ceiling

As we have talked about in many other articles decorating the ceiling is a new trend. Adding something like reclaimed wood to your kitchen ceiling can change its entire look in the blink of an eye.

Whether you use reclaimed wood paneling or beams it will instantly warm the kitchen with an elegant feel.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Cabinetry

If you have an existing kitchen that just needs a cabinet update, reclaimed wood is the way to go. Depending on what type of appliances you blend it with reclaimed wood can look traditional or modern. Paired with stainless steel reclaimed wood can create an industrial motif but with clean lines.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Pantry Door

If you have a large pantry with a full -sized door, consider changing it out with a reclaimed wood door. Even if you do not have reclaimed wood anywhere else this WILL work!

A reclaimed wood door will be a coveted accent in a modern/contemporary kitchen or tasteful addition to your more rustic motif.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen: Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is available in all types of design styles. By adding a reclaimed wood table, buffet, or island stools you can soften a streamline modern look.

Reclaimed wood furniture looks fantastic with granite, stone, and other types of wood.

If you are in the market for reclaimed lumber – whether you are looking to build any of the above products or something else – check out our products! We offer a wide variety of reclaimed products for people to purchase!