Now a days, people love anything and everything about reclaimed wood. Whether it’s siding, flooring, beams, fireplaces, shelves, frames, wall art, tables, etc. reclaimed wood is the new craze. If you fall into this category but do not have the budget, desire, or ability to complete reclaimed wood projects likes these then consider using Stikwood Adhesive Paneling, or faux reclaimed products!

Stikwood Adhesive Panels are peel and stick wood planks that are made out of real wood. Stikwood is obviously not reclaimed wood because it is manufactured but it can look just as good. All you do is simply peel of the back of the wood plank and adhere it to any surface that you can think of. No hammer, nails, or saws needed!

Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we stock a variety of faux reclaimed products. Faux reclaimed products have the look of reclaimed lumber but a engineered solutions. Being that the product isn’t sourced from old structures, the price points can end up much lower than both true reclaimed and stikwood products.

Since Stikwood is smaller, thinner, and lighter than reclaimed wood you can get really creative with it. Any design or pattern that you can think of can be accomplished with Stikwood.

One of the great things about Stikwood is that anyone can use it. It is does take any prepping, cutting, or customizing. Whether you are an experienced DIY-er or you simply love home décor projects Stikwood can help you bring your ideas to life.

Because of the small easy to work with lengths and widths Stikwood can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Here are some ways to use Stikwood that we found intriguing:

  • Do you have a boring kitchen island or buffet that needs some freshening up? Adhere Stikwood to the surface and you will feel like you just purchased a whole new piece of furniture. Or if you want to keep the surface exposed apply Stikwood to the sides for a whole different vibe.
  • If you have art niches throughout your home or over your fireplace that you do not know what to do with use Stikwood to fill them in. You can leave them plain or hang wall décor over the Stikwood.
  • Whether you have an older home or a new build mirrors in bathrooms can be rather boring unless you purchase custom ones. You can use Stikwood to frame them and make it look like you spent thousands.
  • Unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars it is hard to find an upscale looking headboard. With Stikwood you can easily purchase a used headboard from a thrift store and make it look like new.
  • If you have end tables or night stands that have seen better days give them an updated look with Stikwood. This is an easy way to cover up surface damage that commonly occurs on highly used pieces of furniture.

Even though Stikwood is not reclaimed wood don’t discount it. Stikwood comes in a variety of colors and grain patterns to fit any décor. It is a readily available and budget friendly alternative to authentic reclaimed wood.