When it comes to DIY projects, there a million different things you can create. Everyone’s imaginations are different, which is what makes DIY masterpieces so unique because there is always something one of a kind about them. Reclaimed wood is a trendy staple when it comes to doing it yourself ideas. It is versatile, durable, beautiful, and easy to work with, which makes it the ideal building material. Although there are endless creations possible, here are a few DIY reclaimed wood projects that are relatively easy.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

Planter Box

Inside and out flowers, greenery, and succulents are an excellent way to add some depth and fill in décor in any room. A reclaimed wood planter box is an excellent way to showcase your plants, either in a standing box or one sitting on a table. Not only will it look amazing once it’s built, but it’s super easy to assemble. All you need is three pieces of reclaimed wood as long or as short as you please for the bottom and sides. Add two small pieces for ends, and voila- you have a planter box! Using reclaimed wood to make a planter box will add a rustic touch to any space.

Reclaimed Bath Caddy

Everyone knows that nothing beats a warm, relaxing bubble bath after a busy and stressful day. The picture perfect setting is a book in hand or even an iPad with your favorite tv show and your cocktail of choice. A reclaimed wood bath caddy drapes across the sides of the tub and acts as a table for all of the essentials, allowing them to be within hands reach. What could be better? Oh yeah, it is made of reclaimed wood! Since reclaimed wood is durable and can withstand some abuse, it’s perfect for a bath caddy since it may occasionally get wet!

Planter Bench Box or Bench

Similar to a reclaimed wood planter box, a planter bench is an excellent way to outline a patio area, pool, hot tub, front porch, or even a room on the inside of your house. A planter bench is an easy way to add some décor that’s simple to create. If plants aren’t your fortay, you could always build a reclaimed wood bench and decorate it however you please. Not only would it be extra seating when needed, but it would give a unique look and sense of style anywhere.

Coat Rack and Shelves

Storage space is always a challenging thing to figure out and work with no matter if you live in a small or large house. Add some reclaimed wood shelving in your kitchen and bathroom to use for other serving ware, snacks, wine, or makeup and beauty products in the bathroom. Reclaimed wood shelving is also a perfect way to showcase artwork throughout your home. An idea to help tidy up a mud room or entryway is to add shelving with a hook to use as a coat rack. You could even add some smaller hooks for keys and have everything in one spot- easy to grab when you’re in a hurry!

Bedroom Sets

Buying furniture for your home can be painful in the sense that it is so expensive. While it is a lot of work and requires some creativity, building your own bedroom set could save you some big bucks when it comes to remodeling or restyling. The only tricky thing with this DIY project is that tools are required and the material list is lengthy, but nothing is impossible! Reclaimed wood is an excellent material to use for building bed frames, dressers, and even nightstands because it’s durable and can withhold a lot of damage, and of course, it looks fantastic. If you are going for restoration hardware or rustic vibe, reclaimed wood is the way to go!

Now, of course, there are endless ideas and DIY creations that are possible, but these are just a few ideas that are unique and functional while looking fabulous and fitting in with any style, motif, or home. Reclaimed wood is an entertaining material to work with since there are no two boards alike. The color, look, and feel of each board vary, which creates a sense of depth and movement to any room. If you would like to purchase reclaimed wood for your next DIY project, give us a call!