Finding a company who not only sells the quality product but is trustworthy and reliable is often hard to find. You typically can’t find a company that has both quality material and caring of the environment and their customers. Luckily, Sustainable Lumber Company is a rare find and hits all of these points. Sustainable Lumber Co. offers a wide array of flooring and wall cladding that is both functional and stylish, which makes it every designers and homeowner dream product. A trend that is making a comeback is wall cladding, which at Sustainable Lumber they use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed Shiplap is used for accent walls, backsplash, and for the occasional DIY project.

Who Is Sustainable Lumber Co.?

Sustainable Lumber Company is a reclaimed wood company that is located in the heart of Montana. Like mentioned above, they are a company that carries flooring and wall cladding in different styles and washes. Unlike some companies who only work with specific people like homeowners or contractors, they work with just about everyone! They have completed past projects for homeowners, specific government projects, state parks as well as federal, commercial jobs, restaurants, homes, resorts, and the occasional cabin.

What Makes Sustainable Lumber Co. Different

Aside from the reclaimed wood products that they sell, Sustainable Lumber Co. has a couple of attributes that make them stand out from other companies out there. The first thing is that they are a 100% eco-friendly company.  All of their products are made from salvaged, recycled, and reclaimed wood products, which help the environment when it comes to the lumber industry. Not to mention that all the products are natural to the environment, so no harsh chemicals or composite materials are used in the production of the materials.

As for materials that aren’t used or leftover, they use as biomass to help heat offices, kilns, and faculties to minimize the chemical usage. A huge plus that warms our hearts is that all sawdust and leftover materials are given to ranchers and farmers to be used as animal beds. Who doesn’t love the idea of cute pigs and calves having warm beds?

Confusion Set Straight

A common thing that confuses people is the difference between reclaimed wood shiplap and tongue and groove. The definition of shiplap is “a board that has been milled so that the top and bottom of each piece has a rabbet joint so they can be stacked as siding” whereas tongue and groove come together and interlock. This is a prevalent misconception, but it is imperative to know the difference when it comes to picking the right product for your project or home build.

Why SkipLap?

Sustainable Lumber Co.’s version of wall cladding is made with reclaimed wood, with the product name, SkipLap. It adds a twist on the traditional shiplap with their touch. Some of the benefits to choosing their reclaimed wood are that it is one of the only high-quality wall cladding materials on the market and unlike normal shiplap, skiplap is tongue and groove which makes installation super easy and worry-free.

What Do You Get With Reclaimed SkipLap?

While Sustainable Lumber Co.’s reclaimed wood has a lot of good attributes, these are a couple of the most substantial. When you get Skiplap you have 8 colors that are prefinished to choose from, zero waste because there is a use and need for everything, tongue and groove for easy installation, a pre-milled product that has a 1/8” fine line gap, and a product that is kiln dried to no more than 8% moisture.


Sustainable Lumber Co.’s reclaimed wood Skiplap is divided into two different groups. There is The Refined Collection: Sanded Smooth and The Rustic Collection: Circular Sawn. Each one has its characteristics, but some of the obvious ones are the color shades. The Refined Collection has lighter colors that are perfect for a vintage or cottage look, whereas The Rustic Collection consists of darker, warmer tones that would be ideal for a modern or rustic motif.

Reclaimed wood looks impressive in any profile, build, and color. There are a million different things that can be done with it and many companies who carry it- but when it comes down the quality and thought put into a product, Sustainable Lumber Co is one of the best! If you would like to learn more about Sustainable Lumber Co.’s products or purchase some for your next project, give us a call!