Reclaimed wood is the new known design fad with homeowners, do it yourselfers, designers, and architects. Reclaimed wood has a very unique look to it that grabs the attention of everyone, because no reclaimed wood project is alike. They are all unique with their own coloring, wash, and profile which makes every project one of a kind. Reclaimed wood is making its way from just home DIY projects and into home remodels, accent pieces, and even in offices and restaurants. As a restaurant owner, the design and style of your restaurant is so vital because it sets you aside from the other competition that you face. Check out these ideas of how to incorporate reclaimed wood into your restaurant!

Hostess Stand using Reclaimed Wood

The first thing any customer sees when they come to your restaurant is the hostess stand. This is the first impression that your customers have. If this space is small, crammed, and messy with no flow- they are most likely going to have a bad vibe and that will carry throughout their visit. Decorating your hostess stand can grab their attention and that will stick with them throughout their stay. Accent the stand with reclaimed wood on the outer sides to bring out a rustic look and feel. Especially if the rest of the décor is rustic or vintage, this is the perfect accent!

Table Tops and Bar Tops using Reclaimed Wood

The second most vital attribute besides the hostess stand are the table tops and bar tops. This is something that the customers look at the entire time they are at your restaurant. If your table tops and bar tops are cracked, warped, peeling, or are designed badly it will instantly change the mood the customer is in. Now of course, there are plenty of alternatives to reclaimed wood to use as a table top, but reclaimed wood when sealed has a glistening shine, and very clean design look that everyone will be drawn to.

Chairs and Bar Stools with Reclaimed Wood

Seating arrangements are so important because comfort is everything. If your customers are not comfortable, they will be less likely to stay longer and have that “last” drink with their friends. Chairs are pretty simple so long as they are durable, sturdy, and have a back rest that is body fitting- then you are good. Bar stools on the other hand are much difficult because they don’t have a back rest, which means your bottom padding better be five star quality. Reclaimed wood is durable and sturdy which makes it the perfect material for chairs and stools.

Light Fixtures using Reclaimed Wood

Last but not least, the lighting in your space presents the entire feel of the atmosphere. Less harsh lighting that is dimmed down sets the perfect ambiance. The bigger the light fixture, the more attention that is drawn to making it a conversation piece. It also helps fill in the space and make the room feel more cozy. Reclaimed wood is a good material to use for light fixtures. For example, an in-wall light fixture could be boxed in or sat on top of reclaimed wood to add a pop of style. The most popular type of reclaimed wood light fixtures are made with beams. You take a reclaimed wood beam and secure it how you please and add the light bulbs. There are two ways you can incorporate the bulbs into the beam, you can have them drilled into the beam itself or you can use string lighting and wrap them around the beam to show off a messy and rustic look.

Now these are just the big objects that tend to grab the attention of customers visiting, but you can used reclaimed wood in more ways that what we listed. Imagine using it as napkin holder, utensil holder, condiment rack, or even as small décor items like picture frames. There are a billion different things that can be done with reclaimed wood, no matter what the setting or location is. The trick is to be creative, artistic, intuitive, and think about what draws people’s attention and what will keep them interested. Afterall, the satisfaction of your clients and customers is what is most important when owning or running and business. If you are looking to use reclaimed wood in your restaurant, get in touch with us to see if our product is right for you!