Reclaimed wood is an in high demand product nowadays with designers and homeowners across the world wanting to incorporate it into their design works and projects. Time and time again, there are plenty of creations possible with reclaimed wood. The trick is finding a company that supplies quality product and for an affordable price. Reclaimed wood is relatively natural for suppliers to get their hands on because reclaimed wood is old wood. It’s as simple as that. The best places to find quality reclaimed wood are places like abandoned houses, factories, mines, and locations like Colorado’s ghost towns.

With Colorado’s historical past there are plenty of abandoned mines and ghost towns that we can find reclaimed wood. Keep in mind that some of these abandoned towns are protected by the historical society, but they are still prime examples of reclaimed wood and how it is found. The most iconic thing about reclaimed wood is the history and ideas it has seen, and of course the rustic and vintage appearance it has attained over the years.

Colorado’s Ghost Towns


Independence Ghost Town sits 11,000 feet from Independence Pass, which is a steep and thrilling passage that old travelers used to make their way through via stagecoach. Nowadays, tours are offered so you can see the abandoned town and imagine what life was like back then. This ghost town was a favorite spot for gold back in the late 1800s. It has been found that over $190,000 of gold was mined in this town, although it was abandoned not long after it began.

St. Elmo and Tin Cup

Not all ghost towns are as creepy as people think, given the name. Most ghost towns are strictly called this because there is not a sign of anyone living within the town. But there are the exceptions of a few cities that are particularly daunting and give off a vibe that you may not be the only visitor. St Elmo is a town west of Buena Vista, CO. It was a town full of the hustle and bustle, leaving its wooden store fronts and preserved Main Streets to prove it. Not too far away is Tin Cup, also an abandoned town that once held rambunctious tenants, with a cemetery to show the forever homes of old visitors, sheriffs, and brawlers.


Many towns that are now abandoned were only used for a short time during mining times. Others, however, are towns that were filled with life for years and eventually died out. Ashcroft was the home to a school, many private residences, 20 saloons, a jail, and stables. This town was full of hustle, and it still shows today. Most of the town is still standing just a few miles from Aspen, Colorado. Museum tours are given, which allows you to get an inside look in the jail that once held criminals, a stable, and a few saloons where all the riots took place.

When it comes to quality reclaimed wood, there a couple of key attributes that make it “quality.” The first would be the history behind it; reclaimed wood is known to be wood that’s over 100 years old. The history that reclaimed wood holds creates a mystery to it that draws people in. The second would be the color or wash. Reclaimed wood is known to have a washed out and natural colored look, which is why it’s so popular nowadays. Homeowners and designers are on a design kick when it comes to restoration hardware, and rustic appearances which reclaimed wood helps promote. Last but not least, is the overall appearance of the wood, depending on the project homeowners and designers may or may not want warped and cracked boards. Whereas for some creations, this helps enhance the overall look and feel of the project. It all depends on the preference of the client installing this in their home. For some people, it just what they have been looking for!

Recreating the look of reclaimed wood is possible by distressing new pieces of lumber and adding stains to create a color that gives off a “washed” look. Although it is possible, nothing beats the history and authenticity that traditional reclaimed wood gives off. Bring history into your home and add a piece of authenticity! Whether you are looking for faux or true reclaimed lumber products, give us a call! Our experts would be happy to help answer any questions you might have, and offer any of our wide variety of products!