Sometimes even the largest kitchen does not have enough counter space. If you are an avid entertainer or love to cook you will attest that there is never enough room in your kitchen no matter the size. You should consider using Reclaimed Wood Industrial Carts!

Industrial décor has fast become a trending motif. You can find furniture for any room available in an industrial theme. Functional kitchen carts made with reclaimed wood are a fun and chic way to add some additional storage and counter space to your home.

Since reclaimed wood is nearly indestructible it is great for the kitchen! You can easily build your own cart with pieces of reclaimed wood. Because these kitchen carts are simply accent pieces to your current kitchen, they will easily blend in with any décor that you have from contemporary to vintage.

The only decision you must make is what elements do you want your reclaimed wood cart to include.

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Carts | Ideas

Here are some ideas to consider when designing your reclaimed wood industrial cart. These suggestions are for the lower part of your cart with the idea that the top of the reclaimed wood cart will be left open for additional counter space or food prep.

Wine Cart

If you love wine and do not currently have a space to display and store it in your kitchen this is a functional way to do both. By adding a wine rack and even glass racks to the lower portion of your industrial wood cart you can create a mobile wine service center to enjoy alone or while entertaining.

Food Prep Station

If you are designing your reclaimed wood industrial cart for food prep, then think about adding utensils holders and a space for mixing bowls and cutting boards. You can easily find wire baskets and inserts to attach to your cart for quick accessibility when preparing food.

Dish and Flatware Storage

You can create a reclaimed wood industrial cart that houses everyday dishes and flatware. This is a convenient way to set the table and clear the dishwasher by making your reclaimed wood cart mobile by adding wheels.

Produce Storage

If you like to keep and organized and tidy kitchen you probably find that produce storage is a nuisance. For those items that cannot be refrigerated your counter tends to be the dumping ground taking up usable space. You can build a reclaimed wood industrial cart to store these produce items by developing a wire bin insert for the top and/or bottom.

There are many more uses for a reclaimed wood industrial cart! A reclaimed wood cart is a unique yet purposeful way to incorporate additional storage and counterspace. With a few pieces of reclaimed wood and some hardware you can quickly build your own cart today!