Installing a Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall into your home is a stylish way to add texture and dimension to any room. Reclaimed wood accent walls are a simple way to balance out modern spaces or to anchor a flowing floor plan. 

Reclaimed wood walls are a budget friendly investment that will make an impactful visual statement. Because of this you will want to make sure that you choose the right type of reclaimed wood for your project area. 

For instance, you will not want to use bulky thick pieces of reclaimed wood for a smaller space as it will drown out the surroundings.  Shorter thinner reclaimed wood planks will provide the accent that you want without overwhelming the eye.

What You Need To Know Before Installing A Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Here are some other items of consideration that you will want to decide on when designing your reclaimed wood accent wall:

Choose the right type of reclaimed wood for your project:

There are many types of reclaimed wood since it comes from various sources. Depending on the look that you are after and the surrounding décor of the reclaimed wood accent wall, deciding on where you get your lumber from is important as this will dictate the look.

For instance, reclaimed wood from ships and boats will look much different than lumber from cabins or barns.

Do you need to sand down your reclaimed wood?

If the reclaimed wood that you purchased has a lot of cracking, splintering, and loose pieces you may want to consider sanding it down. If your reclaimed wood accent wall will be out of reach of children and pets, then the threat of harm is most likely minimal. However, if this is not the case sanding is best. 

Clean your reclaimed wood before installation!

The exact origin of your reclaimed wood is most likely unknown, as well as its path of travel. Therefore, you will want to wash down your lumber before you start working with it. You can use a simple solution of borax and water along with a bristled brush.

Plan out the portion of wood to other décor when designing your reclaimed wood wall

When designing your reclaimed wood accent wall, review all of the actual available surface area in the room you are installing in it. Then pick a portion of that space for your reclaimed wood wall that is proportionate so that it does not take over the room. 

You want your accent wall to be eye catching and a feature point of the room. If there is not a balance this will then become a design flaw not an accent.

Overall, remember that when it comes to reclaimed wood accent walls, less is more.