Believe it or not some people love bats and voluntarily seek them out by building things like reclaimed wood bat boxes. They are sly little creatures that are around more than you know. Colorado has a healthy population of bats in and out of the city.

Even if you do not find bats appealing there are several benefits to installing a bat box in your own yard. 

If you are considering building a bat box, reclaimed wood is the best choice. Bat boxes are exposed to the elements and must be sturdy. Reclaimed wood is durable and long lasting, so your bat box will be around for years to come.

Need some convincing? Even though bats can be aggressive and somewhat scary they have a lot of benefits.

Mosquitos and Other Insects

In the United States one of the main reasons that homeowners install reclaimed wood bat boxes is to control mosquitos and other insects. Especially around lakes and rivers bugs can be a real nuisance. 

Bats can eat over 1200 insects per hour. They can ingest up to 70% of their body weight in bugs every night meaning that the instant they inhabit your reclaimed wood bat box your insect problem is virtually gone.

Bats Work Hard At Night

During the day bees are hard at work pollinating plants. At night bats can keep it up. By providing a home for your local bats with a reclaimed wood bat box the plants in your yard can be pollinated 24/7. 

This will make your garden and landscaping the talk of the town.

Seed Distribution

Once you put a reclaimed wood bat box on your home your yard and surrounding ground that is void of plants will start to thrive. Bats distribute seeds after eating plants and fruit by dropping feces from the air covering the ground. 

Reclaimed Wood Bat Boxes Contribute To The Ecosystem

Even though they are not the most loveable creatures, bats play a huge part in our ecosystem. It is often hard for bats to find places to live in the suburbs. Reclaimed wood bat boxes make a safe and convenient place for them to live and procreate.

Bats are not blood sucking creatures that hang out with vampires. They are busy mammals working to make your yard a better place to hang out in. By installing a reclaimed wood bat box, you can work alongside conservationists to secure the bat population in Colorado. You can easily build a reclaimed wood bat box that is not visible to you or visitors if you so desire. 

On the other hand, if you are a bat enthusiast you can really get creative when building your reclaimed wood bat box. The better the box the more bats you will attract!

If you are interested in using reclaimed wood to build some reclaimed wood bat boxes, give us a call! Our experience staff would be happy to help you find the material that will best fit your needs!