Most of today’s interior design guidelines center around Biophilic Design Concepts. Biophilia is the principle that people are innately drawn to nature and want to capture and instill it into their homes!

There are multiple biophilic design elements available that successfully bring nature indoors and reclaimed wood is one of those.

How Reclaimed Wood Achieves Biophilic Design Décor Goals

Reclaimed wood is one of the most versatile and powerful materials available. Homeowners and designers alike love reclaimed wood for its appearance alone, but it has a lot of biophilic design benefits. 

  • Clearly, since reclaimed wood is a completely natural material it promotes a connection to nature that no other element can. Depending on the species of wood, the age, and the original use reclaimed wood can offer a wide variety of visual sensorial variability. 
  • One of the key elements to biophilic design is prominent texture and pattern. Reclaimed wood, no matter the species, has grains and textures that are only found in nature. 
  • Central to biophilic design is that research has proven that this décor style has a profound impact on health and wellness. Reclaimed wood has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the symptoms of stress, eliminate heart palpitations, and improve overall mood. 
  • The effects of biophilic design are directly related to the emotional connection that one has with their environment. Not only is reclaimed wood visually appealing it is chalk full of emotion because of its history. Whether someone knows where their reclaimed wood originated from or not the history is still felt in the eye of the beholder.
  • Reclaimed wood mixes well with any other element found in nature. Reclaimed wood looks great with rock, stone, foliage, and any naturally occurring color. 
  • Using natural, non-toxic, and recycled material is essential in biophilic design. Reclaimed wood covers each and every one of these requirements making it the prime green building material.

Reclaimed wood has such a multifaceted nature that establishes an unwavering connection to the outdoors. Readily available and economically friendly it is the top pick among biophilic designers. It engages every spectrum of the senses and has a story all of its own! If you would like to use reclaimed wood in your biophilic designs, give us a call! We would be happy to talk you through the wide variety of reclaimed wood materials that we supply.