Reclaimed wood, as many people know, is becoming more and more popular among architects and designers, as well as in the building materials industry. Nowadays, you can go to any coffee shop, restaurant, home, or office and you will have a high chance of spotting reclaimed wood. Naturally, with anything new and unknown by some, there are many questions that you may have regarding reclaimed wood and everything about it. In this article we will be breaking down some of the top asked questions about reclaimed wood. Sit back, read on, and enjoy!

Here Are the Top Questions About Reclaimed Wood We Get Asked

#1 – What is Reclaimed Wood? Where does it come from?

Reclaimed wood is an aged building material that is entirely wood. Reclaimed wood is usually around 100 years old and sourced from demolition sites of old barns, factories, and more. Once the wood is sourced, it is put through a milling process to be resold for projects and architectural builds.

#2- What are some of the common problems to watch out for?

If you buy your reclaimed wood from a supplier that has a good reputation and/or is accredited, you won’t have to be cautious of. However, because reclaimed wood is so old and has probably been through a lot in its life, you may come across boards with splits, cracks, or warps in it. Usually, this is not a huge concern because reclaimed wood is popular for its rustic and rugged look, which makes it easy for you to cover up the imperfections.

#3- Will we ever run out of reclaimed wood?

The chances of us running out of reclaimed wood are very unlikely. As new buildings are being constructed, old buildings are aging, thus creating a continuous cycle.

#4- Is reclaimed wood safe to use as a building material?

Reclaimed wood is typically left raw with no chemical treatments which makes them ideal for re-milling when it is sourced and reused. If any boards are found that have been used in chemical treatments those boards are not recycled to reduce the chance of chemicals being exposed.

#5- Does reclaimed wood install like new wood?

New wood tends to be slightly easier to install because it is milled to be the correct size. It also isn’t warped or cracked which takes one step off the process of install. With reclaimed wood, it is usually just as easy to install as new wood. If a board has cracks or is warped, you just must take precaution to not increase the damage during install.

#6 – Is reclaimed wood expensive?

The cost of reclaimed wood is all dependent on the supplier, the age of the wood, and the overall condition. Overall, reclaimed wood is a reasonably affordable building material product.

#7 – How do I purchase reclaimed wood?

To purchase reclaimed wood, you want to find a local supplier in your area. Once you find a supplier, go visit their location and look at the different options they carry. You can also order certain reclaimed wood from certain suppliers online.

To learn more about reclaimed wood and to get more of your questions answered check out the next part in our series Part 2: The Top Asked Questions About Reclaimed Wood or give us a call!