Reclaimed wood is a very versatile building material which is why it has become so popular. There are endless amounts of unique ways to use reclaimed wood in your home but there are some ways that you can implement it while being unique and one of a kind. Many people think with reclaimed wood that your home will look rustic and rugged, however this is not the case. You can make reclaimed wood appear rustic, modern, vintage and all the in-betweens- it just depends on how it is used.

All Around Paneling

This is a very old fashioned and vintage style that is slowly making a comeback. Reclaimed paneling on one wall as an accent is popular, but have you ever thought of paneling a room in its entirety? By doing this, you will create a cozy nook-like space that you will never want to leave. Not to mention it will look very clean and simple.


Using wood for stair steps is not commonly thought of, but when implemented looks incredible. Whether you have a cozy mountain cabin or a very modern and contemporary home, wooden stairs would fit right in. The thing about reclaimed wood or any wood for that matter, is that it looks very natural and raw. Sometimes this can be a very well thought through design aspect to any home of any style.


Use reclaimed wood as an accent throughout your home such as doors, window framings, and trim. This can make your home feel like a mountain cabin, but there are ways to make this modern too. The biggest factor in the feel of your home is the décor paired with the wood. This is what can make a difference in a house that’s modern or a cabin-like home.

One Wall Paneling

Back to the idea of paneling, if you are not into the idea of paneling the entire room consider doing one wall as an accent. For example, many people accent the wall behind a bed or desk as this is usually the focal point of a room. You can also panel the ceiling to give the room some depth.


In many contemporary built homes, there is an architecture that is unique such as archways leading into a library or office space perhaps. You can create texture in your home by paneling the archway while leaving everything surrounding it simple and white. This is an ideal way to give your home a very cozy and close-knit feel.

Timber Grid

Finally, you can use large reclaimed timbers to create a grid pattern on your ceiling. This is very commonly implemented in mountain rustic homes to add a sense of raw and natural appearance to the home. You can use light or dark beams to accent whichever style your home looks like

Reclaimed wood is such a beautiful product that is loved by homeowners, architects, and designers because it can be used in any style or home regardless of the style or motif. Look around your home and see how you can encompass reclaimed into your design. Interested in using reclaimed wood in your home? Give us a call!