Reclaimed wood is a popular design trend that is continuing to grow more and more as time goes on. There are many different designers, architects, contractors and homeowners that use reclaimed wood for various different projects, some of which you would have never thought of. Reclaimed wood started out as a simple, small accent that blew up into many different pieces like furniture, accents in your home, and main focal points. The creativity and the ideas continue to get more and more intricate and detailed as the months pass and as reclaimed wood’s popularity grows. So the main questions are what can reclaimed wood be used for? Well, the answer is truly anything. There isn’t really a limit on what you can use reclaimed wood for, but we can give you our top creative uses for reclaimed wood.

Exposed Beams

If you have vaulted ceilings or a room that just needs a little extra something, an exposed beam is the perfect alternative. You can install them on vaulted or flat ceilings and they add an enhanced look to your home that is just beautiful and will take your breath away. If you are wanting a rustic or mountain living look and feel to your home, adding beams are a great direction to go.


Now decking is a way that most people would never think to use reclaimed wood. However, it is actually a great product for decking because it is durable and sustainable. Reclaimed wood is usually hundreds of years old and has endured a lot of wear and tear making it stronger.


Siding is a great way to use reclaimed wood and is one of the most common ways it is used. You can use it as interior or exterior siding and adjust the installation a bit depending on where you are installing it. You can use it as interior siding and build an accent wall to give any room in your house a unique and rustic look. If you use it outside, just be sure to seal it properly and keep up with any repairs that you may need to do in the future.


Reclaimed flooring is probably one of the most beautiful ways to display your reclaimed wood. Your flooring is the focal point of your home and is usually one of the first things people see when they enter. Next time you visit someone’s house, pay attention to the first few things you look at. The flooring is one of the firsts because when you take off your shoes you typically look down, while casually walking you look down. Therefore, your flooring is very important when you are designing your home. Reclaimed wood is so unique and no boards are alike which allows you to get a very personalized look that no one else can get. It is also very easy to take care of and keep long-lasting, which is perfect for areas that see a lot of high traffic like kitchens and entry ways.


The last idea is for using reclaimed wood is for furniture. Reclaimed wood is very durable and is easy to work with, which means building with it is a breeze. Any type of furniture can be built with reclaimed wood but some of the most common types are headboards, bed frames, side tables, and picture frames or mirror frames. If you use your imagination and get creative with the help of inspiration from Pinterest, you have no limit of ways you can build with reclaimed wood.

If you have never considered using reclaimed wood before, check out our website and out other blogs to learn more about reclaimed wood and how you can use it. We have many different blogs full of inspiration, general knowledge and education, and the history of reclaimed wood. Before you use reclaimed wood, it is always a good step to learn about its origins and how reclaimed wood is sourced and milled for resale. Give us a call or come visit us to talk to a specialist to learn all there is to know about reclaimed wood and the possibilities that come with it today!