When it comes to reclaimed wood, there are many different options of products, cuts, and profiles to choose from which makes any project and customization possible. However, there are a lot of products that homeowners don’t think they can find in reclaimed such as flooring. When you think of reclaimed wood, you mainly think of wall paneling because an accent wall is the most common way that reclaimed wood is used in the design world. Reclaimed wood flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Your flooring, whether you believe it or not, is one of the most important design aspects of your home. Why do you ask? Well, think about how much traffic your floor sees and you can imagine why you would need a certain level of flooring to take on the life you live day to day. Aside from the durability of the floor you, of course, want your floor to look amazing and match up with your design style.

Our main goal with this blog is to give you a guide to picking reclaimed wood flooring and why reclaimed wood is a good option for your flooring. We will talk about the pros, cons, design aspects, and give you a little history of reclaimed wood. Let’s get into it!

If you have read any of our past blogs or visited our website, you have probably learned what reclaimed wood is and where it comes from. However, just in case we are going to give you a small intro into it.

Reclaimed wood is basically aged wood that is sourced from deconstructed buildings that are antique and abandoned. The biggest reason that reclaimed wood is such a sought out for products are the characteristics of it. Reclaimed wood is aged, rustic, and unique meaning no two pieces are alike. Reclaimed wood is becoming more popular as the design industry evolves and the trend grows.

Now let’s move onto reclaimed wood as a flooring option, starting with some of the pros. Your flooring is the first thing people notice when they enter your home which means you want a design that stands out and is unique from the rest. Reclaimed wood is full of vibrant colors and rich grain patterns and one of a kind. Reclaimed wood is also durable which is important in flooring because of the high amounts of traffic that your floor endures. Because reclaimed wood is aged and has been through natural wear and tear, it has built a resistance to any damage. Lastly, reclaimed wood is usually easier to work with because it has fewer knots than new wood.

FAQs About Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

  1. Is reclaimed wood flooring more expensive than regular flooring?
    While reclaimed wood is usually slightly more expensive, you can find reclaimed wood suppliers that sell their wood at a reasonable price. The price depends on the supplier, the source, and the specifications of the wood.
  2. Is reclaimed wood safe to use in your home?
    Reclaimed wood is a completely natural product and the milling process doesn’t involve any chemicals which means it is safe to bring into your home.  Of course, every supplier does things differently so check with them to make sure they don’t use any type of chemical on their reclaimed wood.
  3. Can you refinish and sand reclaimed wood?
    The answer is yes. You can sand the surface down and refinish it to give it a fresher look. Most people don’t because they don’t want to mess with the natural look of the reclaimed, but it is possible to do so.

Reclaimed wood is a high-quality product that you can use for just about any project or renovation. Most suppliers offer a variety of different products in different colors, profiles, and cuts to make customizing your projects easy and stress-free. Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we offer several different products from multiple different brands such as Old World Timber, Thermory, Forever Barnwood and many more. We strive to carry brands and products that fit anyone’s needs. Talk to any of our wood specialists today to learn more about our products, pricing, the buying process and placing your order today. Check out our other blogs to gain inspiration and to learn more about reclaimed wood!