We’ve been in the reclaimed wood siding scene for a little over a year now, but we wanted to make sure all of our customers knew who we were at the core. Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Forest Products, which is a lumberyard that has been serving the entire state of Colorado since 1974. We started out as a family run fence installation company, that later morphed into a full lumberyard, servicing contractors throughout the Denver Metro area. We later expanded into the Colorado Springs region to better service our customers in Southern Colorado. We are still family owned and still hold true to the values that we started with 45 years ago. We are committed to building relationships with local contractors and homeowners through better pricing, better selection and better quality control of our products. This is no different through our new product offering of reclaimed wood siding. We carefully hand selected brands that we loved and wanted to work with to bring the best quality and selection to our customers in Colorado and across the United States. Let’s learn a little more about Rocky Mountain Reclaimed and what we have to offer!

Reclaimed Wood Siding Without the Hassle

In the past and sometimes currently, people shop for reclaimed wood through avenues that may or may not be the best for the reclaimed wood industry. Some suppliers of reclaimed wood go into historic towns and tear down properties without obtaining the correct rights to do so. This leaves historic towns torn apart without anything to show for it. The difference with Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is the way our products are sourced and created. We offer two distinct types of reclaimed wood: true reclaimed wood and faux reclaimed wood.

True Reclaimed Wood Siding

A type of reclaimed wood that we offer is true reclaimed wood. This means that this wood was actually once part of a historic structure or building. All of the companies that we work with have gone through the appropriate channels to obtain the correct reclamation rights to be able to salvage this old wood. The wood that they are typically able to get their hands on is usually from old barns, distilleries, horse fences and other types of structures. If you are looking for a real piece of history using reclaimed wood, then true reclaimed wood siding is what you will want to use.

Faux Reclaimed Wood Siding

Faux reclaimed wood siding is different than true reclaimed wood siding, in that the wood was never part of a historical structure. Faux reclaimed wood siding is created when a company takes new wood siding products in either tongue and groove, shiplap, bevel or lap siding to create the look of a reclaimed product. Each brand we work with has their proprietary processes that they use to create the look of real reclaimed wood, without it actually being a historical piece. This type of reclaimed wood siding is beneficial to those not interested in the historical value and for those who may need a large volume of siding like those in commercial construction. 

Reclaimed Wood Siding Without the Prep Work

One of the key benefits to using reclaimed wood siding from one of the many brands we offer is that all of the prep work has been eliminated. Typically, when a person salvages reclaimed wood, they must sort through the wood to see what is straight and usable. Then you need to de-nail and clean up the boards so they will not be a hazard to anyone that touches the boards. Then if you’re using the reclaimed wood for siding purposes, there’s no guarantee that all of the boards will fit together correctly. By purchasing reclaimed wood siding from one of the brands we carry, they have already milled the product into a standard size and standard profile that will be easy to install. They have cleaned them up, straightened them out and made it ready to install in any home. 

Purchasing reclaimed wood siding from a reputable source such as Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is a good choice for the historical reclaimed lumber industry and for you personally. We’ve taken all the hard work out- all that is left is for you to install your siding and enjoy your new rustic look!