Reclaimed wood is a new design fad that is becoming more popular as the trend continues to evolve and develop. Reclaimed wood is a very popular material among homeowners and designers because it is a durable and sustainable product. It gives any home a rustic aesthetic while also being sustainable and good to the environment. For those who don’t know, true reclaimed wood is repurposed wood that was taken from deconstructed and abandoned buildings such as barns, mines, and factories. The wood is put through a milling process and repurposed to be used again in another location.  It is relatively easy to find and is also affordable which makes it an option for just about anyone and everyone. Reclaimed wood is thought to only be used as accent walls, small home décor items, and furniture. However, this is not the case. Reclaimed can be used in just about any way you want with the right preparation, care, and installation. Let us give you some inspiration on ways you can use reclaimed wood in your next design!

#1 – Exterior

Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to be used inside, like most think. It is a great wood to use outdoors because of its age and durability. Reclaimed wood looks rather rugged and washed because of how old it is, which means it looks and works great in areas where a little wear and tear may occur. You can use reclaimed wood on the exterior of your home or business to give it a rustic and textured look with dimension. Pairing reclaimed wood with other materials like siding, or metal would look perfect!

#2 – Different Tones

One thing that makes reclaimed wood so unique is that every board will be different because of the age and original location of use. This makes it very easy to combine different tones of cool, warm, and dark boards to create a very contrasted look, which is very popular. Reclaimed wood is normally light and dark brown, greys, and sometimes even red which allows you to create a very customized and one of a kind look for your project.

#3 – Contemporary

One of the very popular designs right now is contemporary modern which consists of a neutral color pallet, woods, and modern furniture. Reclaimed wood is a great accent for this style because of its naturality, and raw look. You can use the reclaimed wood like furniture, accent walls, décor pieces, or even planter boxes to instantly give your home a magazine look to it.

#4 – Weathered Look

With homeowners, many want their home to have a rustic, mountain living, a washed-out look which is hard to get with new wood. Reclaimed wood looks very weathered and natural which makes it easy to get a rugged, washed-out look. You can take new wood and weather it, however, the process takes a while and consists of a lot of work. Whereas if you purchase our reclaimed wood products, there is no prep required.

#5 – Helps Details Stand Out

When you build a home and are particularly proud of it, you want to show it off as much as you can. Reclaimed wood is a simple way you can accent certain aspects to make them stand out. Such as your front entrance for example-  if you have reclaimed siding around your front door most visitors will notice the change in accenting and praise the details of it. It is like how home builders use rock and stone to accent an entrance or fireplace by making it stand out.

#6 – Match Interior and Exterior

If you want your home to flow together from the inside out, you can use reclaimed wood in both places to match the two areas. With most products, you can either use them indoors or outdoors and not both, which makes it hard to match up the two styles. Since reclaimed is so versatile, you can keep it inside, outside, or in both areas with no hassle.

Homeowners are always looking for new ways to improve their homes and stay on-trend. Reclaimed wood is a design fad that you want to jump on because everyone is going mad over it. After all, with its rustic and weathered look, uniqueness, and versatility- what’s not to go crazy over?