Located in the mountains of Montana, there is a reclaimed wood manufacturer named Sustainable Lumber Co. They are a company that takes pride in their products and makes sure every piece of material gets an equal amount of craftsmanship possible to make their products the best on the market. Sustainable Lumber Company was built by nine different families that have all partnered together to make high quality reclaimed flooring and paneling. They have worked on so many different projects over the years including parks, large commercial projects, restaurants, DIYs, smaller cabins and homes, resorts, and even worked with developers.

All of their products are made from 100% authentic reclaimed wood that was salvaged and recycled from deconstructed buildings. They have a policy they like to call the zero-waste policy, where none of the products goes to waste and every little bit is used one way or another. All of the unusable wood is used to be converted to energy and sawdust is donated for animal beds.

Let’s talk about a few of their products and all the different options they offer. With a wide variety of products that come in a variety of different colors, you are sure to find what you are visioning for your home. 

Skiplap from Sustainable Lumber Co.

Their main product is their wall paneling Skiplap. This product is similar to most panelings and T&Gs in the sense that it acts as a wall accent. However, their version is tongue and groove on all 4 sides which allows for zero waste and easier installation. The surface of it is smooth to the touch and has no factory finishes. Unlike traditional T&G where you can see a noticeable gap between each board with their product, it looks like normal siding with no gap. 

With Skiplap, they offer 8 different prefinished colors that allow for easy installation, zero waste, T&G on all four sides, and a material that is pre-milled and kiln-dried to 6-8% moisture. 

The Refined Collection includes Roadhouse which is Beetle Kill Pine, Beach House, Smokehouse, and Farmhouse. 

The Rustic Collection, which is circular sawn, includes Cabin, Corral, Homestead, and Blacksmith. 

With both of these collections, the colors are neutral but unique which makes customizing your design easier and most efficient. 

Along with their Skiplap line, they offer a couple of other collections of wall paneling products as well. 

  • Reclaimed oak fence planks 
  • Reclaimed distillery wood 
  • Prefabricated pallet panels 
  • Beetle kill pine T&G 

They also offer matching trim boards that are available in 1” thick, 2” wide and 4’ long so you can complete the look easier. You can use these boards on the walls and ceilings are made from either Douglas fir or Beetle Kill Pine. The grain on the boards is mixed and you can also get these in the same colors as the collections above. 

When it comes to their flooring collection, they offer a couple of different species so you can find exactly what you want. The options are Reclaimed Horse Fence Oak, Beetle Kill Pine, Wire-brushed, Skip Planed Fir, and Hand-scraped Fir.  They also come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find what you like the most. 

The Color Options of Sustainable Lumber Co.

  • Antique 
  • Barnwood 
  • Big Horn 
  • Charcoal 
  • Glacier 
  • Natural 
  • Stonewash 
  • Yellowstone 

Sustainable Lumber Co. is a transparent company that has nothing to hide from their customers. They offer genuine high-quality products that can transform a room in your house instantly. With their wide variety and color options, you can go in blindfolded and come out with a design that you know and love. All of their products are true, real, natural, and recycled from sourced reclaimed wood with no harsh chemicals or additives. They have a specific process in which their products go through before they are resold and a team of dedicated craftsmen that ensure the process goes as it should. Check out our blog page to read more about them and their products and to gain some inspiration for how to use their products in your home. We hope this helped you feel more confident about choosing Sustainable Lumber Co. and using their products in your home!