If you are searching for a supplier to buy reclaimed wood products from, you want to make sure they are a legitimate supplier with materials that are of high quality. If you try to achieve a renovation or addition to your home with materials that are of poor quality, not milled properly, or taken care of up to resell, your project could fail which is what we want to help you avoid.

If you are completing a project, whether it be paneling, flooring, furniture, siding, or barn doors, you are most likely putting a lot of money and time into the project. We understand that it’s important to you, which is why we want to give you this list so you can go through it and make sure your supplier checks off all the important aspects of a retailer.


The first thing you want to ask your supplier is where their reclaimed wood is sourced from. The source matters mainly because you want to know that it is true reclaimed wood and not a faux. Real reclaimed wood is usually around hundreds of years old and is sourced from deconstructed buildings like barns, mines, and factories. A lot of suppliers out there will charge you the price of real reclaimed wood when it actually is faux. A lot of homeowners and designers also choose reclaimed wood for its aged and weathered look, which is commonly sought after for reclaimed. 


Next up is the pricing. You want to make sure your pricing makes sense for the product you are buying. Usually, wholesalers are cheaper because they work directly with the mills and can get their hands on reclaimed easier. Whereas, other retailers have to go through several different people in order to get the material so it costs them more, therefore they mark up the price to cover the difference. The pricing may also speak for the quality of the product. If the pricing is very low, the quality may not be the best. This isn’t always the case but it is something to keep in mind when shopping. 

Shipping and Delivery

While this isn’t of utmost importance for some buyers, it may be for others. If you find a retailer that is out of state, you want to make sure they have a reliable shipping and delivery process so you can rest assured that your product will get delivered in a timely manner and in one piece. Some places, if they are a larger retailer, might offer delivery insurance, in which case it would be a good idea to get. 

Variety of Product

If you are conducting a few different renovations in your home and want to be able to customize the design to be exactly what you want, pick a retailer with a large variety. This way you are sure to find what you are wanting and can customize your design. Some wholesalers like Rocky Mountain Reclaimed have special relationships with their mills which means they can get their hands on certain products that other retailers can’t, so customizing is much easier. 


Product warranties are also a very important aspect of the buying process because this protects your materials from certain damages and wear and tear. So if down the line you notice your product is malfunctioning sooner than it should, you can take the product to the retailer and they will replace it for you or at a discounted price. Ask your retailer or wholesaler before you buy so you are familiar with the process and the warranties they offer. 

Design Inspiration

The final tip for looking for a retailer or wholesaler is to find someone with some design inspiration under their belt. This shows that they are dedicated and are familiar with the product and what you can do with it. Of course, this also helps you through the process of deciding exactly what you want to do with your reclaimed in your home. 

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