Welcome to Rocky Mountain Reclaimed! We are a sister company to Rocky Mountain Forest Products, a specialty building materials supplier in Colorado. Rocky Mountain Reclaimed has been around for a few years now, but RMFP has been in business for over 45 years and has served over 1 million customers with a variety of building material needs. Over the years, we have stayed up to date with all the design trends that have emerged and even the ones that are new year after year. One of the most popular trends that we have noticed becoming more of a fad is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has become a very popular material used in homes as accents, wall paneling, flooring, barn doors, shelving, and much more. It looks incredible no matter where it is used. We jumped on the train and started selling certain reclaimed wood products and it took off with existing clients and newcomers. 

We have written numerous blogs full of design inspiration and all the different ways you can use reclaimed wood in your home, but we have only written a small number of blogs on us as a company and what sets us aside from other suppliers in the country. 

Let’s start with who we are as a company and our mission. Like we mentioned we are a sister company to our building materials company that stocks decking, fencing, siding, and dimensional lumber. Our main goal with our reclaimed wood is to offer a variety of products so every client can find exactly what they are looking for. We carry both true and faux reclaimed in a variety of different brands so you can find the right material, style, profile, and color of materials you are seeking. 

What is reclaimed wood?

Explaining what reclaimed wood is and how it is sourced is probably a good place to start. Reclaimed wood is aged and weathered wood that is sourced from old deconstructed buildings and milled to be reused in homes as accent pieces. Typical reclaimed wood is over 100 years old and is the best material for adding a rustic and vintage look to a home. 

Faux or True Reclaimed

There aren’t many differences in true and faux reclaimed wood, but there are a select few that set them aside from one another. True reclaimed wood is true wood that was sourced from older buildings, wine casks, whiskey barrels, and so on. Faux reclaimed wood is a new wood material that is designed to look and feel like true reclaimed wood, without the work involved in detailing, cleaning up, and making board uniform to be used in larger applications like siding or flooring. Check out our website to read more about the difference between true and faux reclaimed wood. 

The Brand We Stock 

Over the years, we have built relationships with a number of different brands across the country and have started to sell a variety of their different products. The brands we carry products from are Old World Timber, SkipLap, RePlank, Thermory, Montana Ghostwood, Forever Barnwood, and Coeur D’ Alene Wood. Each of these brands carries a variety of products from siding, cladding, barn doors, and flooring so you can design your home to your liking. 

Blog Page and Social Media 

As a company, we believe that it’s important to get out into the community and get your name out there. We have several social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest where we are constantly adding new content to full of our products and sharing other people’s work to gain inspiration. We also have a blog page that we post to weekly that covers a variety of different topics to give homeowners some guidance and design ideas. 

To learn more about us as a company, check out our website, or come visit us today! You can also read more about the products we sell and the brands we offer on our website. If you ever stop into our locations, we can show you samples of the materials, give you an accurate price quote and you can sit down with a specialist to plan out your design today!