Reclaimed wood has become such a popular design fad with homeowners, designers, builders, and even building materials suppliers. Because of its growing popularity, more people are wanting to learn more about it. As reclaimed wood suppliers ourselves, we love to talk about reclaimed wood and everything there is to know about it. From where it was sourced, how you can use it, and how to take care of it- we want to share it all. Here is a list of the top asked questions when it comes to reclaimed wood. 

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is salvaged or repurposed wood that was sourced from older buildings that have been deconstructed or abandoned. Typically, the wood is around 100 years old and shows signs of weathering, which is its main attraction to consumers like us. 

What is reclaimed wood made from? 

Reclaimed wood above often comes from abandoned and deconstructed buildings. However reclaimed wood can come from other sources like whiskey barrels, wine caskets, mines, and so on. 

What are some common problems with reclaimed? 

When it comes to installation, the only real problem you may run into is prepping the wood. Depending on where you buy your reclaimed wood from, you may not have to do this, because it may be put through a milling process. Now, if you buy from a supplier that doesn’t do this you might find screws, nails, and staples that need to be taken out. Most of the time, suppliers will take care of this before they resell it to the public. 

Is reclaimed wood safe? 

Reclaimed wood is very safe because it is completely natural. There are no fire retardants, chemicals, or glues applied to the boards, so it is safe to be in your home compared to other products. 

Is reclaimed wood easy to install? 

Reclaimed wood is easy to install just like other wood. Depending on the profile of your wood, follow the install directions just like you would with any other type of wood. 

Is reclaimed wood expensive? 

Reclaimed wood is usually affordable, but depends on your supplier and how they get their wood. If you do some research and shop around before choosing a supplier, you can find the best deal. 

Why is reclaimed wood becoming so popular? 

Because reclaimed wood is such a unique and creative way to add some design to your home, it is becoming very popular. You can use reclaimed wood in just about any way with a little imagination.  

What are some common uses for reclaimed wood? 

Some common uses for reclaimed wood are wall paneling, ceiling paneling, flooring, furniture, and smaller accent pieces like a backsplash for example. 

What is the milling process for reclaimed wood? 

Reclaimed wood is put through a milling process that inspects the wood for any metal left behind. Once nails, screws, and staples are all removed, there is a low chance of rust or danger. Once all the metal is taken out, the wood is cleaned up with a light sanding and then is ready to sell. 

Does reclaimed wood require a lot of care? 

Reclaimed wood is very easy to take care of. As long as you install it properly and keep the surface clean of any dust or debris, your reclaimed wood will last for years without issues or defects. 

Will reclaimed wood change colors or weather? 

Just like most woods, depending on the species, reclaimed wood may change color and weather over time. Now, reclaimed wood is known for its rustic and weathered look so sometimes this may not be an issue to some. 

Reclaimed wood is a popular trend that is not going to fade anytime soon. Every homeowner, designer, and building materials supplier is taking advantage of this new trend and so should you. Your home will have a completely different look and feel to it that you will love. To learn more about reclaimed wood or to gain some inspiration, check out our website or reach out to talk to a specialist today!