Reclaimed wood is becoming a very popular material for various projects throughout your home. You can use reclaimed wood in just about every way imaginable with its durability, incredible design look, and easy to take care of nature. Every now and then, you probably look at the décor in your home and think to yourself “this needs to be updated or I need to add some new things.” Or maybe you just moved into a home and are looking for some inspiration. 

Reclaimed wood is the ideal material to use because you can use it as wall paneling, flooring, siding, and can use the remnants for these smaller accents and décor pieces. Here is some inspiration on how you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home. Some of these are common ways reclaimed wood is used and others are more unique, but take these ideas or use them to create your own! 

Wall Art 

This is a rather cliché way of using reclaimed wood, but it works and is always a great go-to. You can use the boards of reclaimed wood to make various different styles of wall art like chevron arrows, picture frames, lettering with the right tools and so much more. The only limit to wall art is your imagination, you can get as crazy or as subtle as you want. 

Hooks for Bags and Jackets 

If you go online or to Pinterest and type in hook inspiration for reclaimed wood, you will get countless images of different ways you can use reclaimed to build a hook board. You can use a hook system for a variety of different things like coats, bags, scarfs, kitchen utensils, bathroom necessities, and much more. The amount of ideas online is endless. 


Reclaimed wood because it is so durable is perfect for shelving. You can create a floating shelf look or you can build the structure of a shelf and secure it to the wall. You can put books, common bathrooms needs, plants, and even dishes in your kitchen on these shelves. 

Toilet Paper Holder 

This one sounds funny we know, but use your imagination and consider the functionality in this design. You can build a box to surround the toilet paper holder that is in your wall and add a small shelf above it to keep your toilet reading material such as books, magazines, or even your mini iPad that has poker on it. You could also add a small basket that hangs underneath your holder to keep extra toilet paper, so you will never run out of toilet paper. 


You can even take the reclaimed wood outdoors by making a flowerpot that you can use inside or outside. Make them as big or as small as you want, but they would be perfect for summer planting and gardening. 

Organization Bins 

If you have enough remnants leftover or are okay with buying more materials, you could use the boards to build up small organization bins to use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room. When you think about all the ways you can use reclaimed wood bins, the list is pages long. 


The last thing you can do with reclaimed wood is to build smaller pieces of furniture like tabletops for example. You can renovate an old piece of furniture for an affordable amount and give your piece of furniture a whole new look and feel. With a little creativity and inspiration from the internet, you can create anything you see imaginable. 

A lot of reclaimed wood suppliers will also have a stockpile of materials that are discounted. Ask your supplier if they have any extra materials that they would be willing to give away for cheap and use those to create your masterpiece. There is really no limit to how reclaimed wood can be used, you just have to make sure you are using the right tools and products with it and build away. If you have any questions about reclaimed wood, give us a call and we would be happy to answer it for you.