Branding is the number one thing that helps your business get up and running and grow in popularity. Every company has a brand that entails specific colors, fonts, logos, and even a particular pattern or material that is used in every display and advertisement. The storefront of your business is the first thing people see and the first impression that people have on your specific business. 

Think about when you walk through the mall and are looking for a store to go into, which stores are the first ones to grab your attention? The stores with creative fonts, nice window displays, and unique and modern updates that stand out from the rest.

Reclaimed wood is a material that is being used in storefront displays and appearances and is improving branding for hundreds of brands that sell cosmetics, clothing, furniture, home décor, and much more. 

We want to highlight some companies and brands that are using reclaimed wood to up their attraction level with existing clients and to attract new ones. 

Cabela’s – 

Cabela’s is an outdoor store that needs to have an appearance that is rustic, woodsy, and feels like nature. Inside their store and on the interior, you will notice they use reclaimed wood for their wall as well as their displays. Reclaimed wood is perfect for rustic and mountain living settings which is the perfect atmosphere feel for Cabela’s. 

Tillys – 

Tillys, which is a skater store for the younger generation, is expected to be hip and cool. Reclaimed wood sets the mood and gives it a hip and trendy vibe which is just what this store needs.

Whole Foods – 

Whole Foods is known for being popular among natural health enthusiasts. A big part of being natural and taking care of the environment is keeping our planet healthy. Deforestation is a key factor in the movement for a healthier environment and you will notice that Whole Foods uses reclaimed wood in their stores. This gives a very natural and authentic look that draws in customers. 

Restaurants – 

Restaurants like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Hacienda Colorado, and more use reclaimed wood in their locations to give a modern and authentic look to their restaurants. Some places like Hacienda use the reclaimed wood to enhance the motif of their atmosphere. If you have ever been to a Hacienda, their locations are very Hispanic with wood, turquoise, orange, and copper accents. Some places use it to grab the attention of customers driving by to draw them in. 

Signage – 

Aside from the exterior of stores and restaurants, there are other ways you can use reclaimed wood to boost sales and the attraction of customers. You can use reclaimed wood for storefront signs and displays for a more affordable rate. You can easily customize reclaimed wood to match your brand’s specific needs and wants.  

Reclaimed wood comes from deconstructed buildings and abandoned locations and is repurposed to be reused and given a new life. Because of this, most people are very keen on using reclaimed wood because it is preventing deforestation and keeping the environment clean. Consider using reclaimed wood as a part of your brand to not only save money on displays and such but to improve the clientele of your business. 

To learn more about reclaimed wood give us a call today! We can walk you through the different products and profiles of reclaimed wood available and help you design the perfect sign, display, or storefront for your business. Our team is highly trained and educated on the different styles of reclaimed wood. We stock reclaimed wood from different brands like Old World Timber, RePlank, Forever Barnwood, and Coeur D’ Alene plus many more! We look forward to helping you and helping you start your brand.