If you are from Colorado or have visited in the past, you have probably heard about or eaten green chili. Colorado is a hub for our traditional pork mile-high green chili. Across the entire state of Colorado, we have various Hispanic restaurants and smaller shops that sell green chili and make their specialty.

One very familiar and popular restaurant in Colorado is Hacienda, it has been around for years catering day to day customers, catering orders, larger parties, and business gatherings. It is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or grab a margarita with an old friend. There are seven locations in the entire state each one with its own unique décor and atmosphere when you walk in. Recently, a new location opened near Wheat Ridge, CO, that features reclaimed wood throughout the restaurant.

The second you walk in you instantly get a very calm, relaxed welcome with a tropical international atmosphere. You are surrounded by neutral colors with hints of turquoise and orange with brass accents. The main feature wall of the restaurant is covered in reclaimed wood paneling. The whole restaurant is full of wood accents that pair so well with the additional décor.

Why is reclaimed wood so great for commercial settings?

Reclaimed wood is perfect for restaurants because it is affordable, looks great, and is very easy to take care of. You can easily install it and not worry about it unless there are damages and repairs that present themselves.

Reclaimed wood is such a great building material to use for both residential and commercial projects because it allows you to enhance your dream design you’d like to achieve. Reclaimed wood can be rustic, modern, vintage, Tuscan, tropical, or international all depending on the surrounding décor and the way it’s styled. You can really give your space an advanced look with something as simple as reclaimed wood siding.

Alongside the reclaimed accent wall, they accent it with other styles of wood surrounding the bar, timbers in the ceiling, flooring, and even in the tabletops. If you are using newer wood for certain aspects of your design, you can complement it with reclaimed wood and add variety and dimension to your design.

As a restaurant, you can use it reclaimed in thousands of different ways and the upkeep on it will be minimal. As a restaurant owner, you want to focus all your attention on your service and your customers, not on the upkeep of the décor. Reclaimed is a great low maintenance option.

Reclaimed Wood at RMR

Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we stock many different types of reclaimed wood colors and styles so you can customize your specific look. We carry reclaimed options from manufacturers like Skiplap, Replank, Old World Timber, Thermory, Montana Ghostwood, Forever Barnwood, and Coeur D’ Alene. Each brand has its own specific products and style that allows a client to shop around each brand and pick the one that best fits their wants and needs. Throughout these brands, we have siding, flooring, cladding, barn doors, and a variety of other products. To learn more about our reclaimed wood or to get pricing on reclaimed wood give us a call today! You can also come in and sit down with a specialist who can walk you through all of our options and find you the best one! We can answer any questions you may have and make your dream become a reality. Come see us today!