2020 has been a revolutionary year for reclaimed wood. The design industry evolved and continued to push the trend of using reclaimed wood in homes, offices, and commercial buildings for a variety of different things. There were many different trends that became incredibly popular as we closed out the year and we are curious if you think they will carry into 2021? We sure do here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed! We can definitely see the trends from 2020 following us through the new year and we also see new trends coming. These days, there is so much creativity and trendsetting that goes on, it would be unbelievable if there were not any new trends set into place. Let’s look back at the most popular trends with reclaimed wood in 2020. 

#1 – Accent Walls 

This design idea was by far the most talked about and seen design trends being used throughout the year. Homeowners, designers, architects, and DIYers jumped on the idea of using reclaimed wood to accent one wall in any room of a house. It started as a popular idea behind a bed set to act as a headboard as well as to accent the main wall in a living room. As the year went on, the trend made its way into bathrooms, kitchens, and even dining rooms. The idea of an accent wall is the perfect way to give any room of your home a facelift on a budget and come out on the other side with a room straight out of a magazine. 

#2 – Playing with Sizes 

The next trend that grew substantially in 2020 was playing with the difference in size. When it came to the design of a room, designers decided to take the step in messing with the traditional sizing of these such as baseboards, crown molding, and trim. Most homes have a standard size in regard to baseboards and such. In 2020, a lot of designers and homeowners played with the idea of using a larger scale to create a more dramatic look and it worked! This trend looks great and has a whole new effect on homes, apartments, and condos. 

#3 – Colors 

Number 3 is the trend of using different colors besides one solid one. With wall paneling, your reclaimed wood is typically all one color, however, many people were putting a spin on that and mixing colors and different shades of one color. This not only gave a lot of contrast to a room, but it also added dimension and uniqueness to a room that homeowners raved about. 

#4 – Ceilings 

Once the accent wall came into popularity, the next step up was finishing the ceilings of different rooms in your house. This was something that no one ever thought about, even though finishing a ceiling gave the room an entirely new look and feel and sometimes made the room feel bigger. Using reclaimed wood as an accent for ceilings was a creative idea that intrigued many of us. 

#5 – Patterns 

The final trend we have for you is patterns. Now by patterns, we don’t mean animal prints and plaids, we mean chevron and herringbone. These patterns have always been well known in the design industry, but when they are mixed with reclaimed wood and an accent wall, it’s all over! Adding a pattern to your accent wall gives it an even more complete look and a high-end designer touch. 

Out of all five of these trends, which ones do you think will follow us into the new year of 2021? We are excited to see how these trends evolve, which ones follow, and which ones become old news. This upcoming year is sure to bring new design inspiration as the trends grow and new ones evolve. Keep your eyes out for what this year will hold.