When it comes to the different styles and trends in the design industry, there are hundreds to choose from. There are a few that are more popular and there are others that are specific to the area you live in. For example, in New Mexico, the style of their homes surrounds the look of a Hispanic villa where in New York a lot of the homes are much more modern and English styled. Of course, no matter where you live you can decide to go with any style you find appealing. A very popular style among a lot of homeowners and designers in a rustic look and feel. Just like with every design there are key components that are vital in the design to achieve a specific look. Let’s outline a rustic design. 

 Wood Accents – 

The most vital component in rustic design is wood. Reclaimed wood is a great material to use in a rustic styled home to add accent walls and ceilings as well as additional pieces of wood throughout the home. Reclaimed wood has a weathered look that helps give a home a rustic, western, and vintage look which is important in a rustic look. Technically there are a few different branches of rustic. There can be a more modern design, a western-style, or a vintage look. It really just depends on the style you are going for and the other décor you have paired with it. 

Lighting – 

Lighting is another big one, as it sets the ambiance for a room by giving a home a certain hue that makes a room cozy, warm, and feels like a home. The lighting of your home sets the tone for whether or not your home is welcoming and warm. A rustic style of lighting would include Edison bulbs which are vintage and exposed to give a different type of look. Hanging chandeliers is a good option as well as light fixtures made with exposed timbers and beams. If you look at Pinterest or Google there are many options to give you design inspiration. 

Furniture –

Your furniture is the fun part when it comes to design because this is where you see the whole room start to come together. The furniture is mainly dependent on the type of rustic you are going for. Like we mentioned before there is modern, western, and vintage rustic so your furniture may vary. We recommend you check out the internet or even design pages on social media and magazines. They have a lot of neat ideas that can be altered to meet your specific design wants and needs. 

Fixtures –

Your fixtures can be anything from the handles on your dresser, the lamps on your nightstands, to the faucets in your bathrooms. Your fixtures really add to your design no matter the style, so you want to take your time and think your choices through. Walk around your local home improvement stores to get ideas and do multiple trips. Once you find something you like, take a picture of it, keep it in mind, and look for other options. In the end, if you’re still set on that specific fixture then go for it! It’s all about making the choices so your design can come together perfectly. 

Accents –

Now your accents are the final touches on your entire design, and these are the things you will add to enhance it just slightly. Accents can be things like pictures on the walls, centerpieces on your table, baskets for organization, vases, the décor on your bookshelf, rugs, and so on. These pieces are going to work together with your reclaimed wood, your furniture, and the bare bones to really make your design pop. 

We hope this helped give you some ideas for how to make a rustic design on your own! Resources like social media pages, magazines, and online are going to be your friend, take the time to compile your favorite designs so you can incorporate all of them into one perfect style! For information on reclaimed wood or to get some pricing give us a call today and we can get you set up!