Adding wood accents to your home, whether it’s as shiplap, flooring, paneling, or barn doors, you can instantly turn your home from feeling less empty to feeling cozy and more like home. Reclaimed wood is becoming a very popular application that designers, architects, and builders are using more frequently. There are many reputable brands that sell reclaimed wood and a wide variety of different products that allow you to customize your home to your specific wants and needs. Forever Barnwood is among those brands that sell high quality and pristine products. 

Who is Forever Barnwood?

Forever Barnwood is a manufacturer that specializes in reclaimed wood products. They give the room necessary for customizing specific designs based on what you or your client needs and wants. Forever Barnwood’s main goal is to offer specialized products to their clients in a way where it feels like a family. They are humans just like everyone else, they hunt, fish, watch movies, tv shows, and spend time with their families. Forever Barnwood makes it a point to treat their customers like family. Here are all of the different products they offer. 

Dimensional Lumber 

Forever Barnwood’s dimensional lumber consists of boards and planks that are made from over 100-year-old wood. All of their boards have a natural weathered appearance that gives the ultimate rustic look and is perfect for anyone looking for that style in their home. The best thing about this product is that you can use it for a variety of different projects and use them with the right tools. 

4 in 1 Shiplap 

Shiplap is the perfect way to accent a room in your home while staying within a budget and it’s easy to install. Shiplap is ideal for smaller spaces where you don’t have as much room for décor, but it also looks great in larger spaces as an additional piece of décor. Forever Barnwood’s 4-1 shiplap is very easy to install and maintain so it lasts for years with little imperfections. They offer this shiplap in a range of different sizes so you can find exactly what you need. 

Barnwood in a Box 

Barnwood in a box is the ultimate DIY project because it is so easy to install, is affordable, and is the perfect small addition to any room. Oftentimes homeowners will use Barnwood in a box for projects like the backsplash in their kitchen and bathroom. This product is easy to take care of and maintain which makes it ideal for homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional backsplash and siding. 

Rustic Barn Doors 

The last product we are going to talk about is their rustic barn doors. Barn Doors are perfect if you are trying to have some privacy in smaller spaces where a traditional door isn’t as convenient. Of course, barn doors are great in normal houses. Barn Doors are a great way to add functionality to a room while also giving a rustic look and feel. Forever Barnwood is a brand that is one of many, but they are definitely a brand to check out. With their variety of products that they offer along with their family-like customer service, they are the ideal brand to work with. Check out their website to learn more about the products they offer and info about the manufacturing process of reclaimed wood. 

Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we carry all of the above products from Forever Barnwood and have a team of highly trained and educated salesmen who can answer any questions you may have in regard to this brand or their products. We can help you gather some design inspiration as well as give you all the right pointers to get your project done.