Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. It’s time to give our homes a touch of spring cleaning and decorating! Every year most homeowners take the beginning of spring is a time to clean out the unwanted things in their home, organize, and redecorate to add some bright colors and new décor for the season! This year, unfortunately, we are in the midst of a social distancing rule and a pandemic. Luckily, we are working hard to give you lots of inspiration for ways you can revamp your home during this time! 

Reclaimed wood is a perfect way to add some new design styles to your home and it’s easy to work with, is affordable, and is easy to install yourself without a professional! Here are a few ideas we had on ways you can use reclaimed wood in your home this spring. 

Planter Boxes 

A popular project during the warmer months is to build planter boxes for your garden or your flowers. Plants are ideal if you are looking to add some color and life to your home, whether it’s indoors or out. While you can use a lot of different materials to build the boxes, you might want to consider reclaimed wood. It’s durable, sustainable, and looks great especially if you’re seeking a more rustic look. 

Address Signs 

If you are wanting to add some smaller accent of reclaimed wood on the exterior of your home, you can use a smaller plank for the address numbers. This is a great project if you have reclaimed leftovers from another home project. 

Name Signs

Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood or visiting a friend and noticed a cute, trendy sign with their last name and established date on it? Well, this is a relatively popular trend among homeowners and is another great way to use reclaimed wood in your home! You can paint the surface if you please and design it however you see fit.

Accent Walls in Your Entryway 

Your entryway is the first part of your home that guests see and what you see when you walk through the door. You want this space to feel homey and cozy and inviting, right? Well, to do so you want to add some décor and make it feel livable but have the perfect aesthetic. Add a reclaimed wood accent wall of any color of profile to add dimension, warmth, and a cozy factor to the room. This will leave guests in awe at your design and feeling at home as soon as they walk in. 


This is a pretty common one, the flooring in your home sets the tone for the rest of the surrounding décor. Your floor makes a huge difference in how a room feels. It can make a room feel open, warm, cozy, and homey if designed correctly. It can also make a room feel empty, cold, distant, and not as inviting if not done well. Reclaimed wood is not only durable and sustainable so it can withstand high traffic areas, but it can add that touch of design that a home needs to make it perfect. It can also be the perfect accent and pop of style if you’re looking to enhance a specific feature in your home, such as a piece of furniture. 

We sell many different options of reclaimed wood from a variety of different manufacturers that specialize in making the best quality product. They are all easy to install, are affordable, durable, and customizable to your specific design wants and needs. Check out our website to learn more about each brand and to see some samples of their products as well as gain design inspiration. If you have any questions or are wondering if reclaimed would be the right material for a certain project, reach out and let us know! We can help give your design the right touches and get your buying process started.