If you’ve been into the design and look of reclaimed wood for a while now, you have probably seen wood with epoxy resin. These pieces are both functional and artistic for anyone looking to add some character and uniqueness to a mundane area. There’s a plethora of different structures and elements that can be created with epoxy resin and wood. These functional art pieces can run pretty pricey. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, making things with epoxy resin and wood is definitely doable on your own. You’ll need a good amount of materials and patience to get the job done, but these kinds of structures are absolutely gorgeous and a hundred percent worth every second!

If you decide to tackle the project on your own, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. First, it’s crucial that you plan out the design, timeframe, and materials you will use. Definitely don’t attempt a project of this magnitude with reclaimed wood that is a rotten or growing fungus. Any flaws in your materials prior to the building will most certainly affect the functionality and longevity of your structure. We recommend thoroughly planning out what you’ll do every step of the way so there are no unwanted surprises. When planning, you’ll want to consider wood type, the color of the resin, and the scope of what you are looking to accomplish design-wise. Once the resin has been poured to your liking, the next step is sanding your structure down to the desired shape and smoothness. Oftentimes, an added finish layer is recommended to keep your build looking newer longer, but this step isn’t a must. Tables are probably the most commonly built piece of furniture using epoxy resin and wood, but there is a wide range of others out there that are just as neat.


Tables are frequently-made pieces using epoxy resin and wood due to the large flat surface that allows for the creative juices to flow. Tables can often be centerpieces in a living room or dining area, and having one that is entirely unique to your home is sure to be a conversation topic. Many tables made with wood and epoxy resin are intentionally crafted to resemble rivers. Having a flow of epoxy resin run through the wood is an eye-catching and beautiful sight to see. It’s also possible to install lights within or under the structure to illuminate the gorgeous details that the epoxy resin brings out. Pretty much every room in a house needs a table. Draw attention to them and put your artistic side on display for all to see.


Similar to tables, a vanity presents a great opportunity to showcase wood and epoxy resin art in a bathroom space. Vanities are commonly made with stone like granite or marble, but with sufficient sealing, reclaimed wood with epoxy resin would be the ideal countertop for this setting. Vanities endure moisture from sinks and showers, as well as occasional heat from electronic products. As long as the wood is properly finished and frequently maintained, there shouldn’t be any issues. Vanities are a great spot to implement light features within your wood and epoxy resin surface. Bathrooms need sufficient lighting. Incorporating an additional feature of colored light coming through the epoxy is a sure way to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.


Jewelry is another popular trend that utilizes reclaimed wood with epoxy resin. Because jewelry is often quite small, you can build with spare wood pieces at a fraction of the cost. Resins can be pricey, so limiting the quantity needed for jewelry will save a huge chunk out of the total cost. If you’re planning on making your own jewelry with epoxy resin and wood, you’ll likely have to purchase more materials than necessary. This will give you the opportunity to make many unique pieces to enjoy or sell. 

Cutting Board and Kitchen Supplies

Cutting boards offer a blank canvas to express your personality. A flat surface is ideal for building wood with epoxy resin. Utilizing whichever shape and size of wood you prefer, building a cutting board is similar to a small table without legs. Although you’ll have to sufficiently seal the surface to prevent damage from knives and other foot ailments, cutting boards are a great way to practice your skills and add some creativity to your kitchen space. Likewise, kitchen utensils like large spoons or bowls can also be crafted with wood and epoxy resins. They are absolutely gorgeous once finished, but often require a bit more tools to get the job done.

To get started on your reclaimed wood with epoxy resin projects, give us a call to special order from one of our amazing suppliers. We offer an extensive range of products and will set you up with the right person for installation if you need it!