By now, you’ve probably heard of the increasingly popular trend of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is an easy and inexpensive way to revamp the interior or exterior of your property. It’s mainly used to add a more warm and welcoming accent to a space. Implementing a naturally beautiful material like reclaimed wood is a sure way to give the surroundings a more raw and intrinsic look and feel. If you aren’t quite ready to fill your walls with wood, a simple addition of an accent wall or other feature is a great way to ease into the design seamlessly. 

Installing a reclaimed wood accent wall into your home is a stylish technique used to add texture and dimension to a space. Reclaimed wood accents are a simple way to balance out a modern space with a rustic, timeless appeal. The most common form, accent walls, are a popular addition to a room for incorporating a more subtle design element. Other variations of accents include features like ceilings, exterior surfaces, flooring, and even furniture. Anything that can be built using normal wood can most definitely be made with reclaimed materials. The possibilities are endless for accents, simple design additions, and small touches of reclaimed wood to add that special personalization and touch to your home. 

Reclaimed Accent Walls

Reclaimed accent walls are a classic feature to add into any space. Wood does a fantastic job of enhancing the rustic design and natural feel that a room exudes. Of course reclaimed wood is beautiful, but it also puts history and sustainability on display for your family and guests to marvel at. Surely a conversation topic, reclaimed wood accents walls attract eyes naturally and will be a focal point for any home. If you are considering installing some reclaimed wood into your home but are unsure of it meshing well with the existing design, we’ve got you covered. There are so many different color, texture, and size options for your reclaimed wood needs. We offer an extensive selection of different brands and varieties of wood for you to choose from. Some of the materials are faux reclaimed wood, so you can be sure that it looks exactly how you’d like without having to worry about mundane things like prior maintenance, longevity, and where it’s been. 

Reclaimed Accent Ceilings and Floors

Floors are commonly installed with wood, but many people forget that you can actually use salvaged materials for them as well. Implementing reclaimed wood into your flooring is a rustic and inexpensive method for creating a welcoming space that flows naturally throughout the entirety of your house. Likewise, you can also install reclaimed wood accents in the ceiling of your home. Doing so creates a great opportunity for unobstructed views of the beautiful reclaimed materials. By choosing wood that complements the rest of your house, your ceilings can add a subtle touch of color and the old world for your family and guests to enjoy. 

Reclaimed Exterior Accents

With the proper reclaimed materials, you can add accents of design and function in an outdoor setting. Like most exterior materials, sealing and upkeep prior to installation proves crucial for the longevity and durability of the accents. Many people choose to incorporate a fair amount of the exterior of their homes with reclaimed wood siding. Others choose to add smaller accents of shutters, doors, or even pergolas using reclaimed wood. Again, reclaimed wood can be built to function really however you’d like. It’s up to you to implement it in a way that suits your lifestyle and exterior design preferences. 

Reclaimed Furniture

Lastly, reclaimed wood can be added as an accent for a home interior or exterior in the form of furniture. Building a simple bench, dining room table, or even a bed frame using reclaimed wood is a great way to repurpose old materials and add a timeless look to the features of your home.  Many choose to make furniture with reclaimed wood when they have leftover boards from a spare project or are when they’re only looking to buy it in smaller amounts. Furnishing your home with elements of reclaimed materials is an easy way to test out the look before committing to something like an accent wall or exterior paneling installation. 

To check out our selection of reclaimed wood that we carry, head to the web pages we have curated that outline exactly what to expect. There are a wide range of reclaimed wood options and if it seems overwhelming, give us a call, we’d be happy to help you get started!