Reclaimed wood is beloved by many globally for its rustic charm and unique warm beauty that’s hard to come by in modern materials. It’s a sustainable and durable option for both interiors and exteriors, providing homes with a natural feel that’s welcoming and historical. Reclaimed wood has soared in popularity in recent years, largely due to its antiquated aesthetics and eco-friendly footprint. Once salvaged, for wood to become reclaimed, it often endures a long process of cleaning and treatments to last in its new home. This process can sometimes affect the quality of the initial product. While reclaimed wood can be a great investment in your home’s design, it does require a bit of research prior to installation to ensure your materials are up to par with the industry standards and health regulations needed. 


Essentially, there are very few people purchasing reclaimed wood for its performance. It’s almost always installed for design and aesthetic reasons. With that said, why not purchase a better performing product that offers the same benefits visually as reclaimed wood? There are many companies across the world striving to do just that, and Thermory is among the best in the business. They have manufactured a product that provides all the same rustic elegance and character of reclaimed wood, and have eliminated the uncertainty surrounding its quality and stability. 


Thermory: Excellence in Wood


Thermory is a well-known and accomplished material manufacturer. Their process of thermally modifying their materials has revolutionized the landscape of the wood industry. They were able to figure out a method of treating their wood by naturally enhancing it using only heat and steam. They’ve combined their passion for science with their high standard of design to create products that have set the bar high for rot resistance and longevity. 


Thermory’s proprietary process utilizes advanced technology and 20,000 square ft. chambers to ensure that every board is consistent and built to perfection. Their long line of wood scientists have modified the process to meticulously control every step of the process. Whether it’s temperature or fan speed, Thermory tailors every batch to optimize for best results. Their scientists and unrivaled manufacturing process have come together to change the way the industry views reclaimed resources. Thermory products allow customers to reap the rewards of the reclaimed look and feel, but have gone the extra mile to also ensure these materials are safe, effective, and functionally sound for decades to come. 


Thermory Cladding


Add some sophistication and eye catching details to the design of your home or business with Thermory cladding. Perfect for adding just the right amount of curb appeal and adding value to your property, Thermory’s cladding options are among the most popular throughout the world. Their products offer “smooth-kissed milling” for a refined finish and soft surface. Gone are the days of splinters and sharp surfaces of wood, Thermory offers a smooth finish for installers and owners to enjoy for years. Their technology saves on time during the installation process with their innovative board structure. This can also save money for the owner given how easy and effortless installation is, they can hire someone for a shorter period of time or perhaps even take it on themselves. 


Thermory customers enjoy the exceptionally low maintenance nature of their products. You can add some stain to it if you’d like, but these materials are good to go from the moment of installation to whenever you decide to take them down. The boards have jem joints so you can switch up the design and installation angles for your surfaces. The joints give you full range for customization and adding some personality to your home or business. Once placed together, the boards are designed to tightly interlock and create the appearance of a unified surface with very few seams. 


To learn more about Thermory and the incredible products that they offer, head to our detailed webpage for all of the information you’ll need. Thermory is also present on most social media channels, so we encourage you to check out some of their latest work, you definitely won’t be disappointed! To get started with their materials today, give us a call and we’ll compile a special order to fit your exact needs.