Reclaimed wood is a trendy style of salvaged materials being implemented in households and commercial properties around the world. This increasingly popular fad ties all of the charm of rustic resources together with the modern touch of sustainability and natural tones. Everyone is dying to get their hands on some of this awesome material, but it may come with a heftier price tag than initially expected. Most reclaimed wood projects won’t break the bank, but larger areas requiring it may be expensive depending on the material. Since reclaimed wood generally goes through a cleaning process to become suitable for household environments, many manufacturers will charge more based on the quality of the product. So, for people looking to cut back on costs while still achieving the trendy design of reclaimed wood, these small, budget-friendly projects may be able to help!




Shelves can often be overlooked when considering decor and design options in a space. They’re such an easy and effective way of adding style, dimension, and utility to a room. Creating shelves with reclaimed wood is a simple method of adding hints of that natural look into your home without having to sacrifice the existing design. Since shelves are often individual boards, reclaimed materials can be used affordably and efficiently. You could even use leftover pieces from a different project for completing all of your shelving needs. Once the shelves are up, you can add to that natural feel with objects that bring in neutral hues and other raw materials to help make your wood stand out. Shelving comes in a wide range of style options, some very minimal and others taking up entire walls. They’re a great option for those looking to add a bit of personality and customization to a space. 


Storage Chest


It never hurts to have more storage. Storage chests with reclaimed wood can achieve just that, but with the addition of looking phenomenal in your home. Using minimal amounts of reclaimed materials, storage chests will look awesome with trendy wood and effectively store whatever you need. They work great as pieces of furniture to put at the end of a bed, to use as a nightstand, or even used as a small table entirely. Store your books, blankets, and personal items in fashion. You could even put a lock on the chest for extra security or added aesthetic.


Window Shutters

Window shutters are a simple addition to the exterior of your home that can be added to an existing structure and easily removed later on. They’re great for adding accents of style and personality to your curb appeal to stand out from the rest. Since shutters are usually just boards, they can easily be made using reclaimed wood. And again, this wood can even come in the form of scraps from other projects. It’s an effortless and affordable design element that looks great and is seamless to install. Oftentimes, shutters will just be placed on the sides of windows for aesthetic purposes, but you could even go the extra mile to make them fully functioning to provide shade and privacy to the interior or your home. 


Coffee Table


Utilizing reclaimed wood to build a coffee table is a popular method for incorporating salvaged materials into a space. Coffee tables are great for this because of their typically small structure and often artistic design. You can let your creative freedom run wild when choosing or building a coffee table for your home. These tables can frequently be the focal point in a living room, so many homeowners enjoy having one that is unique and ties the room together. Reclaimed wood coffee tables come in many different shapes, styles, and performance varieties. Another popular option for these is adding epoxy resin to the divots and cracks of the wood to create a stunning and one of a kind art piece for a space. 


Cutting Boards


The most affordable option out of the projects above is certainly reclaimed wood cutting boards. Like many of the other choices, it can be made with salvaged pieces from other projects. This will save time and money while adding cohesive elements to your home. Cutting boards really have no strict design or method for what’s correct. They can come in an extensive array of forms, colors, and functions. Price will vary based on the quality and size of the project, but definitely won’t be expensive by any means. Cutting boards are a good way to allow your personal self shine through. Maybe you want yours in the shape of your favorite sports team logo, or you’d like an engraving with a name or saying, these boards have no limit to what you can accomplish.


To learn more about reclaimed wood projects or to get started on one today, contact our specialists so you can get the best quality materials for an affordable price. For other tips and design ideas using reclaimed wood, we encourage you to check out our other blogs detailing the many uses and styles you can achieve with salvaged materials.