If you’ve been paying any attention to current home trends and design fads, you have probably come across the highly admired shiplap siding. Shiplap can be used on walls or ceilings of any kind, but has become an increasingly popular feature for interior accent walls. For those who are unfamiliar, shiplap siding is a decorative feature that can be installed on exteriors or interiors for aesthetic and protection against the elements. Essentially, it consists of boards laying flat side-by-side either horizontally, vertically, and sometimes even diagonally. Shiplap siding is a great design feature for adding dimension and personality to your spaces. For those on the hunt for shiplap siding materials in Denver, we’ve got you covered. Hop on the shiplap bandwagon, you won’t be disappointed!

Shiplap siding is notorious for its effortless installation. Many homeowners enjoy the low costs of the materials combined with the fact they don’t need to to hire a professional to install it for them. Shiplap is an affordable solution to any home in need. Although a fairly cost effective option, shiplap is incredibly durable and versatile. It holds up well in harsh environments and can be used on pretty much any flat surface you’d like. Shiplap can also be easily removed or replaced as needed, and overall maintenance is a breeze. It’ll add interest and depth to any mundane space, and is loved by so many throughout the world. 

Exterior Shiplap

Colorado is known for its variable climate and unpredictable changes to the weather at any given moment. With this in mind, it’s important to choose materials for your home that can stand the test of time and perform well even in the toughest of conditions. Shiplap is one of those products that continually impresses and performs like new for years to come. Most exterior shiplap siding consists of cedar or pine options. At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, our most popular exterior siding options are cedar (shiplap, bevel, and channel) and our pine siding options (beetle kill pine and pine tongue and groove). Cedar wood is one of the most resistant and durable options for siding, especially in climates like Colorado. It will not warp or rot due to changes in moisture, and is known for its extremely long lifespan compared to other options on the market. 

Pine siding options are also great materials for standing up to the unpredictable Denver weather. Our beetle kill pine siding is one of our most purchased items due to its beautiful coloring and durable surface. With its hints of blue and hues of gorgeous warm wood, it’s one of the best options for siding that will surely stand out on your property. 

Interior Shiplap

What was once a material used exclusively on the exterior of buildings and homes, shiplap is now even more popular on the interior of homes. When installed as an accent wall or feature for a room, it can be a brilliant way of incorporating dimension and pattern to your walls. A common shiplap style that is taking the world by storm is the stacking of plain white boards along a wall in any direction. White shiplap is great at opening up a space and adding light. As opposed to just painting the walls white, installing shiplap achieves that same color pallet but with the added advantage of depth and charm. It’s an easy way to create a stunning impact in any room, while still keeping things simple. 

For those hoping to attain a cottage or lake house look in their Denver home, shiplap is an effective addition to your spaces. Shiplap siding in Denver is a great way to make your house feel more like a home, especially when living in a city. It is the perfect extension to a home in need of a more rustic, timeless appeal. Modern design has become more trendy in recent years, and current contemporary properties could all use a little antiquity and grounded-ness with shiplap. 

To learn more about our shiplap and other siding options, feel free to peruse our website for current products and design inspiration. Shiplap is one of those trends that is here to stay! Please reach out to us with any questions or to get started with your siding purchase today.