Whether you’re living in an urban area or rural landscape, curb appeal is massively important for adding value and a good first impression on your home. As many designers and builders are well-aware, reclaimed wood is one of the best materials for adding a rustic and timeless appeal on any property. What may not be as widely known, reclaimed wood can also be implemented on the exterior of residences affordably, effortlessly, and durably to stand the test of time. Reclaimed wood can easily be purchased from any certified supplier for you to incorporate however you please on or around your home. Even with just scrap materials, the opportunities for what you can achieve for your curb appeal are limitless.


Who doesn’t love a front porch? Creating a patio setting for your friends and family to enjoy is the perfect addition to any property in need of a little curb appeal boost. The existence of a front porch shows those passing by that you are a friendly and family-oriented household. Not only will the deck expand your square footage of your home, it’ll also add a warm and inviting feel for those interested in buying for when it comes time to sell. Building a front porch with reclaimed wood will cost comparable to the same amount as new decking materials. Of course all materials are different. Certain variations or real or faux reclaimed wood will require stains or additional coats to help the material resist pests and environmental influences. You can even use leftover reclaimed wood to build a porch swing, railings, overhang, or even flower boxes, further boosting the image of your home.


Installing reclaimed wood as shutters for your windows has never been easier. All you really need to accomplish this look is a ladder and a few nails. Once you’ve got your reclaimed wood chosen, make sure it has all of the necessary coats or stains to protect its surface against the elements. On the outer edges of your windows, these shutters can simply be attached to the exterior walls for aesthetic purposes or you can also install them to be functional. By attaching hinges, your reclaimed wood shutters have the ability to be fully functional and provide both shade and curb appeal for your home. 

Mailbox and Address Plate

This is another example of simple additions to the façade of your home that will take it to the next level in terms of design and performance. Similar to shutters, using reclaimed wood for features like mailboxes or address plates requires very few materials and can even be made with scraps of a larger project. Having a mailbox that stands out is a cool and unique trend becoming more popular in suburban areas. When your house looks like everyone else’s, why not have a creative mailbox to set you apart? As for address plates, they can be made with as little as one piece of wood. They help people passing by find your home and allow for less confusion when it comes time for receiving mail and other important items. These small accents may not seem like much, but personal touches to the curb appeal of your home certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Reclaimed Siding

One of the best ways to implement reclaimed wood onto the exterior of your home is via siding. Siding comes in a large variety of forms and functions. At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we’re thrilled to provide our customers with some of the top reclaimed brands in the country, plus our very own traditional wood siding. We have cedar, pine, blue stain pine, and composite options to help you achieve whatever look you need on the side of your house. Wood gives off a warm and comforting aura to almost everyone. Your home is sure to attract the attention of those looking for an inviting and rustic property if you install reclaimed wood siding. This addition will not only add a timeless charm to your home, but also a historical element to pass on to the next generation. We’ve got a wide selection of options available to get the aesthetic appeal and functional use you’re looking for.