If you’re like a lot of people, you like the concept of reclaimed wood design, but don’t quite have the space for it. Believe it or not, reclaimed wood can be implemented in a multitude of ways beyond the classic accent wall or reclaimed flooring. Subtle hints of salvaged wood throughout your home in unique places can take the style of your spaces to the next level. Incorporating this trend throughout your home in a creative way is great for staying up to date with interior design fads, yet still maintaining the personality and uniqueness of your own home. 

We’ve done some research and have come up with five out-of-the-box ways to implement reclaimed wood into your home. These features would all look amazing with repurposed wood, and will certainly add a sense of history and antiquity to your spaces overall. Small hints of reclaimed wood go a long way in terms of design and rustic appeal of your property.


Staircases are one of those features that tends to get overlooked. When there’s a cool or trendy staircase, it will not go unnoticed. Reclaimed wood is a fantastic material to install as staircase steps or railings. Whether the stairs are floating or attached to the ground, reclaimed wood is sure to bring attention and aesthetic to your space. Staircases serve the obvious functional purpose of connecting one floor to the next, but it’s often forgotten how much design and visual appeal they can also bring to a space. Because stairs are often the center of floor plans, they present the rare opportunity to add a feature that can be showcased throughout the entirety of the home. 


If you’re looking to cut costs during a kitchen renovation or want to add more of a rustic appeal to the storage in your home, reclaimed wood cabinetry might be the perfect addition to your space. Depending on where your reclaimed wood was sourced, implementing it in the form of cabinets may save you hundreds and look even better than new material. Typically, every piece of reclaimed wood looks different. This is great for those who want to add some customizationation and distinctive characteristics to the cabinets of their home. Incorporating additional storage either in the bedrooms or hallways of your home is another unique and beautiful way for reclaimed cabinets to shine. 


Similarly to reclaimed cabinetry, furniture that utilizes reclaimed wood can save costs and bring about a higher level of design appeal and rustic fair. A huge benefit to furniture is that it can be replaced, removed, or refurbished whenever. Incorporating reclaimed furniture is a low commitment, high reward scenario. Salvaging the raw materials of the past to be used in the furnishings of your current interior is one of the most effective ways of adding rustic aesthetic to the style of your space. Reclaimed furniture would look great in any space with light and other natural elements to tie in the rawness of the materials. 


If the home is where the heart is, then the front door is the gateway to the soul. It’s important to feel welcomed and at peace when you step foot into your home. What better way to make the best first impression than by investing in the entryways of your spaces. Beyond front and back doors, there are a plethora of rooms and spaces with doors. Incorporating reclaimed wood into these entryways can help to bring about warmth and comfort to those who pass through it. Whether you’d like to pull out all the stops and personalize your doors to make them as grand and beautiful as possible, or you just want to implement some reclaimed trim around the door’s perimeter, reclaimed wood is sure to look great in virtually any entryway.


Built-ins are the perfect addition of personalization and functionality to any space. Especially in rooms with specific items such as a large TV or unique desk, built-ins can alleviate any unused space or make use of particular areas that would otherwise go untouched. Built-ins that are crafted with reclaimed wood have the potential to be both aesthetically appealing and durable enough to last for years. They can creatively make use of space and draw eyes from anywhere in the home. Ideal for personalizing and showcasing gorgeous wood, reclaimed built-ins are always a good idea.