So, you’ve installed a reclaimed wood accent wall, now what? For those who want to take their walls one step further and add even more accents to help the performance and design of the reclaimed wood, there are an abundance of options for you to choose from. This is especially popular for reclaimed accent walls that are simple or subtle in terms of aesthetic looks, such as a classic shiplap or white interior siding. Whether you’re looking to improve the design flow or the functionality of your space, there’s an accent out there for you. 


Plants are one of the best features to implement any and everywhere when it comes to decorating your home. You can never have too many plants, and installing some into your reclaimed wood accents are the perfect hints of natural beauty and life to spruce up your home. Plants can either be installed in the form of planter boxes that are nailed in along the wall, or a table that projects outwards from the wall and displays lovely flowers and other flora. You could also add metal frames that hold vases or other containers for plants along the surface of the reclaimed accent wall. It’s up to you whether real or faux plants are the right choice for you. If your wall is in an area with little sunlight, fake plants may be best. On the other hand, if the plants you’re incorporating are succulents or don’t need a lot of attention and environmental factors to grow, this shouldn’t be an issue. 


One of the best things to display on a wall is your family, of course! Creating a feature wall to show off family and friends is the perfect accent to a gorgeous reclaimed wood backdrop. Even if you’re only interested in adding one or two pictures up on the wall, this will certainly take your display to the next level. Consider doing all black and white photos if you really want your reclaimed wood to pop, or increase the color on photos to make those stand out against the wood. Anything mixed with reclaimed wood is generally a recipe for perfection. Showcasing your dearest pictures and moments to serve as reminders throughout the day will most definitely improve the look and feel of your reclaimed wood accent walls. 


An extremely popular and effective way to make any space look bigger is by adding a mirror. Not only are they efficient at providing light and depth for a room, they’re also quite functional and match virtually any setting. Installing a mirror on your reclaimed accent wall will help to draw attention to your unique feature and design. Mirrors are especially helpful for accent walls that are near a door or other exit/entry, so you can make sure you look your best before leaving and entering the house each day. Because mirrors are so great at capturing and reflecting light, they make for tremendous additions to both reclaimed walls with an excess of light and those that are in need of more. 

Attached Bench

Installing a bench or some type of furniture structure to your accent walls may require a bit more involved labor, but they are most definitely worth the payoff. We’ve found that many reclaimed accent walls are near the entry to a home. What better place to store your shoes and loose items and get ready for the day? For those with accent walls in their living spaces, an attached bench can make way for additional seating and even some added storage if you decide to construct that as well. Every home can benefit from more room to hang out and enjoy life, especially when it’s next to a beautiful reclaimed wood accent wall!

Hidden Storage

Whether you decide to add storage beneath some seating or your own customized space to store your items, reclaimed wood accent walls are a great place to hide away whatever you need. If you have the additional space, transforming an everyday closet into a hidden room behind a reclaimed wall is an awesome feature to store away your possessions without the eyesore of having to see them. Plus, hidden closets and rooms are a good place to put valuable items that you don’t want stolen or seen easily. They’re a great accent to any accent wall and will surely improve the flow and value of your home immensely.