Reclaimed wood has become an ever-growing trend in the interior design industry. Most people think that reclaimed wood is only sourced from abandoned buildings as a way to recycle ‘old wood’ – and while that is true, there are actually hundreds of sources for reclaimed wood. But what are the benefits of using reclaimed wood as opposed to ‘regular wood’? And what exactly can you create with it? Rocky Mountain Reclaimed will explain why you should choose reclaimed wood for your next project!

For many, reclaimed wood provides a rich, unique look, alongside an interesting history. Reclaimed wood has withstood many years of stress and weathering, giving off a rustic appearance that other lumber is not able to naturally offer. Examples of reclaimed lumber include ghost towns that have been dismantled for their dated wood, old barns, and ancient factories that date back to the Colonial period. To acquire reclaimed wood, most companies search for sources mostly on an order-by-order basis, which makes it unpredictable, but also unique. This type of wood is versatile and easy to work with, which makes it the ideal building material for any type of do-it-yourself-er.

No matter what season it is, reclaimed wood is a timeless piece that can look good in any setting. The rustic look that comes from using reclaimed wood is one that pictures the true feeling of nature and the great outdoors. No two pieces of wood are the same – the rich textures and colors of each piece can vary depending on the location of the source of wood. Many companies can use multiple sources in order to achieve a variable end result that contains different wood from all over the world. The unique characteristics of reclaimed wood make the finished product more appealing to the eye than a continuation of one source of wood. But what other reasons are there to choose reclaimed wood for your home? Let us dive into the details.

The Environment 

Using reclaimed wood preserves land and forests, instead of depleting its sources. Reclaimed wood comes from structures or products that have succumbed to time or have been dismantled due to weathering or new growth. The great thing about reclaimed wood is that there is no destruction of forests, or of any wood sources – it is providing a dead space with the ability of new life, without having to destroy anything new in the process.

Giving Old Wood New Life 

Although reclaimed wood is not as shiny and new as modern wood, conservation of nature is a value that many people would love to strive for. Just because the wood is old, does not mean that it cannot still be useful! Giving reclaimed wood a new fresh purpose helps give old lumber a chance to live again.

Unique Products Makes A Statement

Unlike mass produced wood, reclaimed wood has ‘heart’ – the substance of dimension, depth and a unique appearance helps create more of a personality to the design. Reclaimed wood is a timeless beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.

‘Old Growth’ Lumber is Unavailable 

Those who are in search of an old, rustic looking wood will not find what they are looking for, unless they buy reclaimed wood. Most forests that still contain ‘old growth’ trees are protected by logging laws, so they are untouchable. Reclaimed wood provides the same elements but is readily available.


With reclaimed wood, you can incorporate it anywhere into your home. Whether it be as a beam for your television, an accent wall, or even a barn door – reclaimed wood can be used over and over again for multiple purposes.

When it comes to DIY projects, there are a million different things that you can create. With reclaimed wood, the possibilities are endless – the versatility, durability, and beauty of it is hard to find in other produced wood. If you are looking for ideas on what to create with reclaimed wood, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is here to help! Here are a few examples on how you can create with reclaimed wood. 

Planter Box

A reclaimed wood planter box is a perfect way to showcase your plants, all while taking care of the planet! Whether it be a large standing box to preserve fruits and vegetables, or a small individual box for your new succulent, reclaimed wood is a great addition without struggling to find the perfect sized pre-assembled box. Not only is it durable, but it is easy to create, which leaves you endless opportunities to plant all the nature products that you can find!

Coat Rack and Shelves 

Adding reclaimed wood as storage space is practical and reliable when evaluating your storage situation in your home or apartment. Reclaimed wood can help bring life into your rooms by providing substance to your shelving and giving your space character. Add some texture into your interior décor by using reclaimed wood as a coat rack, an accent wall, or even add hooks to create a key holder. 

Accent Wall

If you wanted to get really crafty, an inexpensive and relatively simple way to make your room ‘pop’ is with a reclaimed wood accent wall. These accent walls are similar to traditional wood siding, however with reclaimed wood, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design. With reclaimed wood, you can arrange the boards in any pattern or design – diagonal, Chevron styled, or just traditional horizontal – customize it any way you want! You also have the ability to paint over any reclaimed wood, or to keep it natural and rustic. The possibilities are endless!

There are over a million different ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home due to its versatility and easiness to work with. Not only is it affordable and easy to maintain, but it also gives any DIY-er the chance to create anything that their heart desires. No two boards are alike, so the depth and design of reclaimed wood is hard to find. If you would like to purchase reclaimed wood for your next project, give Rocky Mountain Reclaimed a call!