Conducting renovations while saving money rarely go hand in hand. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to spend money to save money later on. Investing in quality materials that are built to last will be well worth the sacrifice in the future. When it comes to reclaimed materials, it’s important to ensure your wood is durable, resistant, and will look good for decades. Of course you can opt to spend less, but know that these cheaper materials will not last nearly as long as quality ones. At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we do our best to supply only the best materials from the top manufacturers across the country at the best prices we can. That’s why we’re happy to provide our customers with Coeur d’Alene Wood (CDA Wood), an excellent reclaimed wood manufacturer with some of the highest quality materials on the market. 


One of the biggest areas you’ll see cost savings is in the general maintenance and upkeep of your reclaimed materials. In many cases, people prefer to stain their flooring to ensure longevity, adding material and labor costs. Not to mention, you will usually have to re-stain your floor surfaces every few years or so to keep them looking good. When you choose CDA Wood for the interior spaces of your home, these steps are unnecessary and your wood should last even longer with no additional costs or upkeep. Additionally, if you install CDA Wood on your exterior, only very minimal maintenance to repair signs of aging is required. So although CDA Wood may cost more upfront than other basic materials, you’ll end up spending significantly less over time and have a higher quality product overall.


For those who often like to implement reclaimed wood into their projects, you know that finding a reputable source for your materials is the first step in completing a successful build. With the right professional, you can be sure that your wood is clear of any pests, internal and external damage, and is a safe material to showcase in a home. It’s crucial that you ensure the health and safety of your surroundings with a manufacturer or supplier who inspects for quality and understands the need for complete removal of pests and any damage caused by them. Since reclaimed wood often comes from old buildings or abandoned sites, it can go untouched for many years. During this time, your wood will undergo exposure to extreme weather patterns, insect and other animal damage, and potentially rot or decay. CDA Wood ensures a pest-free, rot resistant, clean product for you and your family to enjoy safely. It’s a good idea to not mess with wood scraps on your own. Leave the reclaimed process to the experts so you can rest easy knowing your materials are durable and resistant enough to last for decades unscaved. Again, invest in the future of your materials before it’s too late. CDA Wood ensures all of their products are built for the health, safety, and longevity of everyday life. 

VOC-Exposed Wood

Unlike CDA Wood, many manufacturers or other firms will use paints and stains to better the appearance of their wood. Although this may make their products look appealing, it exposes users to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are toxic to humans and the environment, making indoor spaces especially dangerous and unhealthy. If VOCs are detected, which is likely with paints or stains, enormous costs will pile up in order to repair your materials and remove any chemicals. CDA Wood uses environmentally friendly technology to eliminate any contaminants in their wood. You get all the natural beauty of reclaimed wood without the hassle of a chemically contaminated home. Purchasing a product that is worry-free, pest and rot resistant, and sustainably healthy is always a good idea. 

Ultimately, investing in quality materials is worth the upfront price in the long run. Although CDA Wood may cost more than your local big box store wood, it’ll certainly last decades longer and won’t require the maintenance and headache that comes along with everyday reclaimed wood. When it comes to the materials in your home, nothing is more important than the safety of you and your family. It’s important to think about the future of your reclaimed wood prior to making purchasing decisions. Spending a little more money now will allow you to save hundreds in the future! Contact us to learn more about CDA Wood or to get started with your own project today.