One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to enhance the looks inside and out of your home is wood siding. Whether you’re looking for natural wood, composite material, or even reclaimed siding, there are so many great options to take advantage of for the design of your home. When it comes down to decision time for which material suits your needs best, be sure to keep in mind the amount of upkeep you’d like to put into it, the look you’re hoping to achieve, and the budget for the entirety of the project. All of these factors can make or break your reclaimed siding for years to come.

When we say ‘reclaimed wood siding’ we aren’t always referring to actual wood that has been repurposed for secondary use. We often also mean manufactured siding that has been processed in a way to give the same look as reclaimed wood. These kinds of materials are just as popular as natural reclaimed wood and can often last longer with less maintenance. For those looking to incorporate actual reclaimed materials, there are a plethora of options for you to achieve the rustic look and feel in your spaces.

There are two main types of siding: interior and exterior siding. Many of our materials can be used for both, but many require either an indoor or an outdoor environment to perform to their fullest potential. We’ll break down the best materials for each, and give a glimpse of insight into the functional value that they can provide for every kind of lifestyle.

Interior Reclaimed Siding

For those looking to add beautiful features of reclaimed wood on the inside of their homes, there are so many reclaimed wood options for you to choose from. Because of Rocky Mountain Reclaimed’s relationship with our mills, we’re able to supply some of the best reclaimed materials on the market directly to our customers. Some of our favorite companies that we offer are Montana Ghostwood, Forever Barnwood, CDA Wood, Old World Timber, and Sustainable Lumber Company— just to name a few.

One of the great things about interior reclaimed wood siding is that you can pick and choose how much of an accent you’d like to achieve. For some, a simple addition of a reclaimed siding on their ceilings is enough, but for others, they want to completely cover their home in siding for as far as the eye can see. No matter how much reclaimed wood you’re looking to install, it’s sure to add that rustic charm and unmatched character to the spaces of your home.

An extremely popular option for our customers is our Skiplap from Sustainable Lumber Company. Skiplap is unique in that it is easily detached if you’d like to re-do the look of your interior later down the road. Shiplap is tongue and groove on all 4 sides and can seamlessly be nailed to the wall. With 8 colors to choose from and a smooth finish, the possibilities are endless with this material.

Another extremely popular option we see with our customers is Coeur D’Alene Wood (CDA Wood). What makes this material so special is its innovative, one-of-a-kind aging process. Instead of sourcing old wood material and repurposing it for new use, CDA manufacturers take new wood and accelerate its weathering through their patented process. This technique gives wood an authentic reclaimed look without the worry of toxins or other chemicals within the wood’s surface. CDA Wood achieves this by stimulating the organic aging that occurs naturally by exposing it to prolonged natural elements. It’s a safe and effective process sure to bring a rustic feel and clean product to the walls of your home.

There are many other options for interior spaces, but these are just a few of our customer favorites. When it comes to interior siding, there are endless opportunities for designs, wood species, and maintenance levels to choose from.

Exterior Reclaimed Siding

An often underutilized material in the reclaimed wood world is exterior siding. While many people love the look of an interior accent wall to bring their rustic charm to life, many choose to showcase these stunning materials on the outside of their home. There’s no better way to boost curb appeal and better protect the exterior of your walls than siding, especially when it’s as eye-catching as reclaimed wood.

Our top choice for exterior reclaimed siding is Thermory. Thermory is similar to CDA Wood in that it is real wood but is put through a process of using heat and steam to enhance the look and performance of the wood. This is especially important for materials that will be exposed to the elements daily and need as much protection as they can get. Thermory is a very well-known and loved company offering a wide range of unbeatable products for exterior siding. Thermory is rot resistant, moisture-content stable, has a great fire rating, termite resistant, and is sure to stand the test of time in terms of durability. When it comes to exterior siding options, no one does it better than Thermory.

If you’re looking for a more natural option, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed customers love to incorporate cedar on the exterior of their homes. Cedar siding can come in the form of tongue and groove, log lap, channel, bevel, and many other designs for you to choose from. For those living in Colorado or areas with similar climates, cedar is a wonderful choice for longevity. When properly stained, cedar stands up impeccably well against harsh weather and unforeseen conditions. Not to mention, cedar is also breathtakingly beautiful and sure to add curb appeal and immense value to any building. And when compared to Thermory or manufactured siding, cedar is considerably affordable and built to last.